GSCM Program Objectives

The objectives of Rider University Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) program are to help students:

  • become familiar with components of global supply chains (e.g., sourcing,  manufacturing and production, distribution, sales and customer service) and issues related to the management of global supply chains. 

  • understand the similarities and differences, as well as the strengths and weaknesses, of different business operating models

  • gain insights into how organizations operate and adapt to cultural and regional norms, address border issues, and comply with local, regional, and international laws governing the conduct of business. 

  • understand the connections between disciplines related to GSCM (e.g., Operations, Marketing, Sales, Information Systems, International Business). 

  • obtain hands-on experience with global supply chains through a required co-op or internship experience. 

  • develop an in-depth knowledge of current and future career opportunities within GSCM. 

GSCM majors develop an understanding of this important field’s impact on domestic and international business. This is an interdisciplinary program that merges coursework from Operations, Marketing, Information Systems, Management Science and International Business. Students learn to see and understand connections between the different supply chain-related disciplines. They also learn about the different operating models used in today’s businesses and gain an appreciation for how businesses operate among different cultures and regions of the world.