Double Major in Global Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics

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An option to consider is that students can complement their global supply chain management (GSCM) major by taking a second major in any other discipline offered by the Norm Brodsky College of Business. This includes well-established majors such as accounting, finance and marketing, as well as the newly launched (September 2017) business analytics (BAN) major. Students can easily double major in a normal four-year course of studies, and approximately 30% of our GSCM major choose to double major.

Business analytics has become a major component of every segment of the corporate world from supply chain management to marketing to human resources. And no discipline relies more on business analyses to support management decision-making than global supply chain management. With this in mind, we have designed a flexible program for our GSCM majors that allow them to take their required GSCM and BAN courses in a complementary and sequenced approach over four years. Below is an illustrative sequence, and it is important to note that we work individually with our majors to devise the best sequence to meet their academic interests and goals.

Illustrative Sequence of Courses for a Dual GSCM / BAN Major

Freshmen Year

  • Introduction to Global Supply Chain Management (GSC 115)

Sophomore Year

  • Introduction to Business Analytics (BDA 205)
  • Supply Chain External Focus: Customer and Supplier Logistics (GSC 235)

Junior Year

  • Database Management (CIS 330*)
  • Customer Focus (GSC 345)
  • Practical Business Analytics with Excel (CIS 350*)
  • Information Systems for Supply Chain (GSC 385)
  • A Supply Chain Internship or Co-op (GSC 491 or GSC 399)

Senior Year

  • Data Mining (CIS 360*)
  • Supply Chain Internal Focus: Firm Operations (GSC 355)
  • Optimization and Simulation in Business Analytics (BDA 360)
  • GSC Capstone - Supply Chain Strategy and Design (GSC 445)
  • Business Data Analytics Practicum (BDA 398)

* BAN required course offered by the Department of Information Systems, Analytics, and Supply Chain Management