Foreign Language Placement

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ANY Rider student who would like to take a language course, and ALL Liberal Arts and Sciences students who must take language courses to fulfill the core language requirement, must fill out the form and go on to complete the online placement test in order to be placed properly.

For Liberal Arts and Sciences students, the following information clarifies the language requirement:

If you have previously studied a foreign language, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures requires an internal exam to determine proper placement. If you would like to begin a new language not previously studied, you may indicate this below.

Rider offers testing for placement into French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and German.

Please fill out the form below and once submitted, follow the instructions to register and login in order to take the placement exam.
Please take the exam before you come to campus for your Orientation date.

Fulfilling your Foreign Language Requirement

If you place into level I of a language (equivalent to 100),
you will need to take both 100 and 101 to fulfill the requirement.

If you place into level 101 or above,
you need to take one course at the level at which you place in order to fulfill the language requirement.

However, if you do place into level 101 or above, we certainly encourage you to take more than the required one course as you go through your studies at Rider.

Nine digit number located on your ID card.
i.e. 6 months
Are you a heritage or native speaker of the language?
Would you prefer to begin a new language offered at Rider which you have not previously studied, and be placed in level 100 of the new language?