Placement Testing

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About the Foreign Language Requirement and Placement Process

ANY Rider student who would like to take a language course, and ALL Liberal Arts and Sciences students who must take language courses to fulfill the core language requirement, must fill out the form (found in the link below) and go on to complete the online placement test in order to be placed properly. For Liberal Arts and Sciences students, the following information clarifies the language requirement:

In order to fulfill the language requirement:
If you place into level I of a language (equivalent to 100), you will need to take BOTH 100 and 101 to fulfill the requirement. If you place into level 101 or above, you need to take ONLY ONE COURSE at the level at which you place in order to fulfill the language requirement. However, if you do place into level 101 or above, we certainly encourage you to take more than the required one course as you go through your studies at Rider.

Culture courses taught in English DO NOT satisfy the language requirement. These courses include: FRE 311: French Culture, SPA 310: Spanish Culture and Civilization, SPA 311: Latin American/Latino Culture, CHI 310: Chinese Culture and Civilization, CHI 311: Calligraphy, CHI 307: Images of Women in Chinese Literature and Film

Please fill out the Foreign Language Placement form in order to register and take the placement examination. Rider offers testing for placement into French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and German.

If you have questions, please call the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at (609) 896-5146 or e-mail at [email protected].

What to do if you need accommodations for Placement Testing

There is no time limit while taking the foreign language placement test, so that will not be a problem for students who require additional time. However, should you need other accommodations, the Student Accessibility and Support Services (SASS) office must receive your Confidential Self Disclosure Form and required documentation prior to taking the test.

The office will review and approve your request in advance, if appropriate. Information regarding required documentation can be found on the SASS website at Please direct any accommodation requests or questions to [email protected].