Departmental Honors


The department faculty will identify prospective honors students at the earliest possible moment and offer them challenges and encouragement to develop to their highest potential. A student who has a 3.25 cumulative average and a 3.5 in the major may be invited by the department, upon recommendation of a faculty member, to become a candidate for the 3-credit honors thesis or capstone project. Details of the thesis or capstone project will be arranged to accommodate the interests of the individual student. The thesis/capstone project is completed during the senior year. It represents the culmination of a student’s academic experience, and is an irreplaceable learning experience for the development of research, writing and critical thinking skills for graduate school admissions and success, as well as work in numerous careers. Students who successfully complete the thesis or capstone project and retain the required cumulative and major grade point average will graduate with honors.

Students who are education majors and complete their teaching practicum in the spring of the senior year will complete the thesis in the fall semester. Non-education students may complete the thesis in the spring of the senior year. Students will enroll in FRE490, GER 490, RUS 490 or SPA 490, Independent Research and Study, for three (3) credits. Even if you do not plan to register for the 490 course until the spring of the senior year, you should plan the thesis in the spring of the junior year and begin work during the summer.

Please visit the link below for instructions on “Planning Your Thesis/Capstone Project” and follow the instructions carefully.