Honors Program
The department faculty will identify superior second semester sophomores and/ or first semesters juniors to participate in an individualized course of study leading to graduation with honors. Such students must have attained a cumulative average of 3.5 or higher and be recommended by a faculty member. In consultation with a faculty member, the student will form a thesis/ project committee of two additional faculty members. The honors thesis/ project can extend over a maximum of 3 semesters (3 credits per semester): one semester of supervised readings, one of proposal development and writing, one semester of carrying out the project. (This may be collapsed into two semesters of 3 credits each.)

Honors students enroll in COM-490 Independent Research and Study during each semester of the project. Honors students may be waived from COM-400 Senior Seminar. All honors theses/ projects must be presented in a public forum to be arranged by the faculty. Honors students must maintain a cumulative average of 3.3 and a 3.5 average in the major.

Students seeking further information should consult with their adviser or Dr. Pamela A. Brown department chair.