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Model United Nations (POL-295) has always been a great source of pride to Rider University. For the past two years, the Model UN team has brought home top awards and has continuously strived for excellence. Venezuela, as represented by the 2009-2010 Model UN team, brought forth a new perspective that many students would not have experienced if not for this class. The Model United Nations team brings not only students together, but also departments and the college of Rider itself. Representing a socialist nation was a challenge, but Rider preserved with flying colors. The delegation also met with the Venezuelan consulate in New York City to get an authentic point of view. Model United Nations is rightfully one of the hardest working organizations on campus, but also one of the most hands-on classes at the university. For forty-two years, Rider University has opened its arms to the international community and allowed students to make friends that transcend national borders and get an opportunity that they will never forget.

What is Rider Model UN?
National Model United Nations (NMUN) is a University-wide co-curricular annual special project within the Political Science Department. It has been active since 1967 and is open to students of all schools and majors. Stretching from late September to the Saturday before Easter, NMUN requires research, writing, speaking, caucusing, and bargaining at a consistently rigorous level. There have been 39 teams and some 300 participants in Rider NMUN.

NMUN allows Rider University students to participate in the largest intercollegiate simulation in international relations, matching them with students from a cross-section of 200 colleges and universities in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

Eligibility and Requirements
NMUN is open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have at least a 2.5 overall grade point average and who have completed either Global Politics (was International Relations, POL 215) or an acceptable substitute with at least a C+ before the start of the Spring semester. The essential qualities required of team members are an ability and willingness to carry a demanding research schedule, an ability to meet deadlines, enthusiasm and reliability, and getting along with teammates.

What Do You Get out of It?
Participants not only learn first-hand aboutvarious issues of international politics and economics, but also how to speak extemporaneously in front of a large audience of strangers, to take leadership initiatives in debates and caucusing, to work cooperatively with people they have never met before to solve common problems, to fashion workable compromises through negotiations, and to grow in self-knowledge and self-confidence.

A Lifetime of Benefit
NMUN alumni consistently rate the NMUN experience as the single most memorable and beneficial experience they ever had at Rider, in terms of developing initiative, maturity, judgment, self-confidence, the ability to think on their feet and hold their ground in real-life discussions and negotiations.

Honors and Awards
Nineteen NMUN Teams from Rider have received honors and awards, including "Best Delegation" and "Distinguished Delegation" awards.

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