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Spring Faculty-led Trips Abroad: Global Encounters

Students have the opportunity to travel on short-term study abroad faculty-led trips during spring break each year.

Students may join Dr. Shunzhu Wang for an annual spring break tip to China. Click here for information on the 2020 trip to Beijing, Xi’An, and Shanghai.

Students may join Dr. Maria Villalobos-Buehner’s annual spring break trip to Colombia or Barcelona as part of the modified SPA 102 (Spanish II) spring course. In spring 2020, students have the opportunity to travel to Barcelona as part of the course. Click here for more information.

International Film Festival and Film and Media Studies Symposia

The Department sponsors an annual International Film Festival where students view films and have discussions based on global themes.

Film Festival

Students are invited to sponsor a film or participate in a student roundtable discussion at the annual Rider FILM AND MEDIA STUDIES SYMPOSIUM.

Students in the French Culture through Film course recently presented a panel discussion:  “Sexual Frankness in French Film and Its Influence: Revisiting Buñuel’s 1967 Masterpiece, Belle de Jour”.

Language and Culture Clubs, Excursions, and Conversation Tables

Each language section offers opportunities to join clubs and converse informally with students outside the classroom in the target language.  Conversation Tables meet in the Foreign Language Media Center (Fine Arts 309) or at Starbucks.  The French and Spanish Clubs offer trips to musical and theatrical performances, art galleries, and restaurants.  Students of Chinese are paired with visiting Sanda University Chinese students for informal coffee and conversation at Starbucks.

  • For information on the French Club, contact Dr. Stéphane Natan ([email protected])
  • For information on the Spanish Club, contact Dr. Hernán Fontanet ([email protected])
  • For information on the Chinese Conversation Table and Events, contact Dr. Shunzhu Wang ([email protected])

LLC Student Club

LLC Student Club

LLC Student Club