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See yourself working in a foreign country, as an ambassador, as an interpreter, as a teacher, as a global business executive and more!

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures provides an international focus for Rider University, interpreting both the global world and our multicultural society. Through the medium of foreign languages, we introduce our students to the thought processes and value orientations of different cultures. Our students acquire an international perspective and a special intercultural sensitivity. Advanced foreign language skills combined with intercultural expertise increase the employment prospects of our students in the global market place of the 21st century.

The Department maintains a state-of-the-art Foreign Language Media Center with 25 computer work stations with internet access for self-paced work and classroom instruction including interactive audio, video and text-based materials. A satellite dish allows us to view and capture original broadcasts from foreign countries.

Incoming freshman majors are eligible for a $2,000 scholarship.

Students may major in, double major in, or combine a major in Education or Global Studies with one of the following:

Students may also minor in:

Students may take courses in elementary and intermediate Italian and German.

Students may major in another foreign language or in any other subject outside the Department and combine this with a minor in French or Chinese, and a minor in Spanish with concentrations in either language and literature or business and the professions. Students majoring in Global Business benefit from a foreign languages minor, and those majoring in Global Studies frequently major or minor in a foreign language as well.

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For more information, contact the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at:
(609) 896-5146
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Headshot of Maria Villalobos-Buehner
Chair of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures; Associate Professor of Spanish
Fine Arts 354

María Fernanda Villalobos-Buehner received her Ph.D. in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education from Michigan State University. Her dissertation explored the effect of study abroad programs in the development of a second language identity and second language learning motivation. Dr. Villalobos-Buehner research interests include foreign language pedagogy, the adult language learner, second language acquisition, language learning motivation, the role of technology in language learning, and study abroad programs and their influence in language learning.