Student Navigation Office

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The Student Navigation Office at Rider University provides individualized support and nurturing to first-year students as they make the transition from high school to college. First-year students will work closely with our Navigation Coaches who ensure that each student has access to all of the resources necessary to be successful in their first year - and beyond.

What We Do

  • Provide a safe and supportive environment for students in need of guidance during their first year at Rider
  • Connect students with valuable support services that will encourage their academic and personal success
  • Educate students on important policies and requirements necessary to complete their programs of study and graduate on-time
  • Monitor at-risk students and design strategic improvement plans, as necessary

Our Team

The Student Navigation Office welcomes first-year students beginning at Orientation and continues involvement throughout their first year at Rider. Learn more about our team and the personalized services they provide to help students navigate their academic careers.

Our Navigation Coaches work with first-year students to: 

  • Provide individualized support to an assigned caseload of first-year students
  • Support each student’s personal growth and development through education, resource referral, and personalized care
  • Teach the Navigating Rider mini-course offered during the Fall semester of the first year
  • Implement improvement plans for at-risk students
  • Improve overall satisfaction and retention rates, in the first year and beyond

Our Student Mentors work with first-year students to:

  • Provide peer-level support in the Navigating Rider mini-course offered during the Fall semester of the first year
  • Engage with and support students one-on-one in the Student Navigation Office

Contact Us

Academic Success Center
Bart Luedeke Center
Suite 237
[email protected]
T:609-896-5000, ext. 5071