An honors contract is an agreement between a student and a faculty member that the student will do an enriched version of a non-honors course and thus be eligible to have that course count toward Baccalaureate Honors requirements.

Students whose academic requirements seriously inhibit the completion of an honors program may request permission to complete up to three courses by means of honors contracts. The contract option is normally restricted to upper-level classes in the student's major or minor field. Honors contracts should be approved before the beginning of the semester in which the course will be taken. The deadline for approval is two weeks from the first day of classes for the semester.

Approval must be granted by the faculty member sponsoring the contract and by his/her honors director, department, and dean. Proposals must include a copy of both the course syllabus that the faculty member would normally distribute to students and the revised syllabus, and a specific description of how the revisions bring the course up to standards for honors courses.

Upon completion of the course, a copy of the final product (s)—paper, laboratory report, etc.—together with the sponsor’s recommendation on the granting of honors credit must be submitted for approval to the honors director of the relevant college or school.

Questions about honors contracts should be directed to Dr. Bryan Spiegelberg, Director of the Baccalaureate Honors Program, at [email protected] or (609) 896-7729.

Download a copy of the Honors Contract (PDF)