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In 1976, Rider University established a circle of the Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society. Composed of junior and senior students who meet the leadership qualifications for membership and the GPA (3.25 or above) requirement, the society’s goals are to recognize the accomplishments of academically sound student leaders and enhance leadership skills and abilities.

With over 300 circles nationwide, Omicron Delta Kappa recognizes achievement in the following five areas:

  • Scholarship
  • Athletics
  • Campus/Community Service, Social/Religious Activities, and Campus Government
  • Journalism, Speech and the Mass Media
  • Creative and Performing Arts

Omicron Delta Kappa Students

Omicron Delta Kappa not only promotes the personal and professional development of its members, but also seeks to encourage leadership development for all students at Rider University through a variety of workshops and opportunities.

Membership Information

Every September, Omicron Delta Kappa invites current juniors and seniors who have a 3.25 GPA or above to apply for membership. Those applicants who demonstrate a breadth and/or depth of leadership within the 5 areas ODK are accepted become official members of ODK by submitting a membership fee and participating in an Induction Ceremony that occurs in November.

Benefits of Membership

ODK members not only have opportunities to continue to develop their leadership skills at Rider, but also have opportunities to earn awards and scholarships through ODK National.  Rider ODK members are encouraged to attend programs and workshops to earn free cords upon graduation.

Activities of the Rider Circle

The Rider Circle of ODK enjoys supporting the National organization by planning events and service projects to celebrate Founder’s Day (December) and the National Day of Service (April).  Additionally, ODK hosts numerous events throughout the year, including leadership discussions with our University’s President and Board of Trustee members.

Omicron Delta Kappa Rider Circle Leader of the Year

Ashley LeedsIn April 2016, the Rider Circle began its tradition of awarding the Leader of the Year Award. The purpose of the award is to celebrate the culmination of leadership accomplishments of a senior Rider Circle member.

At the 2018 Awards Convocation, the award was presented to Ms. Ashley Leeds. As a Psychology major, Ashley pushed herself to develop both personally and professionally while at Rider.  She was highly involved in a myriad of organizations at Rider, including ODK, the LDP, REACH, Hillel, Rider Service Leaders, the Student Abroad Ambassador program, the International Mentor program, the Psychology Ambassador program, and the Collegiate Leadership Competition.  Her involvement in all of these organizations was meaningful, and for each, she made major contributions.  Ashley was also able to explore her creative side by writing for the Odyssey, singing in the Rider choir, and performing in the “Vagina Monologues”.   Ashley’s contributions have both breadth and depth within the 5 pillars of ODK, and her selfless service to others has left a lasting and valuable impact.  Congratulations, Ashley, and thank you!

Previous Winners
2017: Alyssa Belardo
2016: Caroline Forde

For more information, visit the ODK booth at SGA Awareness Day (mid-September) and visit the ODK National website at

ODK Contacts at Rider

Laura Seplaki
Associate Director, CDLS and Director, LDP
Sweigart Hall 250