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Rider University is committed to disseminating information as quickly and accurately as possible in an emergency or other serious situation via RiderAlert, the University's electronic notification system, voicemail, e-mail, web postings, and signage.

Rider University firmly believes in the use of timely warning notices as a means of preventing crimes or other serious incidents, as well as to notify the University community of crimes committed on campus or in the surrounding area. Members of the Rider community are encouraged to immediately report crimes and other serious incidents to the Department of Public Safety.

Campus Updates Category
Rider illustrates the power of giving
- 4:46pm
Event notices
The renaming of Van Cleve Alumni House
- 8:30am
Offices and Services notices
Endorsing the recommendations of the Task Force on Rider and the History of Slavery
- 3:00pm
Offices and Services notices
Rider University accepting applications for spring, fall 2022
Application and award deadlines
Rider Libraries adds yearbooks to digital collections
- 11:37am
Offices and Services notices
Letter about pell grants to New Jersey congressional delegation
- 4:52pm
Offices and Services notices
Statement on Tropical Storm Ida-related storms and damage
- 1:05pm
Offices and Services notices
Letter to faculty: contact tracing and vaccine exempted students
Offices and Services notices
Meals on Wheels open to all volunteers
Offices and Services notices
How you can help Double Pell and increase access to higher education
- 1:09pm
Offices and Services notices