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Partial list 

Westminster Choir College's ACDA student chapter is a student-run group that creates opportunities for the student body to excel as choral directors, performers, and educators. In addition to on-campus events, the organization has been present at ACDA National, Divisional, and State Conferences and strives to be part of the greater Princeton and New Jersey communities. 

President: Mike McCormick
Vice President: Noël Zucchero
Secretary: Aldo Aranzulla
Treasurer: Jillian Corn

The Deaftones is the mixed a cappella student-run group based on the Westminster campus.

Music Director: Mark Gebauer
Assistant Music Director: Katie Arnold

Eco-Representatives (Eco-Reps) are undergraduate students who educate their peers and other community members about environmental issues and encourage them to live in a more eco-friendly way.

2016-17 Eco-Reps:
Chelsea Simpkins
Micaela Bottari
Paulo Kamenakis

The Westminster chapter of the National Association for Music EducatIon (NAfME) is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to experience many of the various aspects of music education. Through workshops, lectures, conferences, and collaborations with peers and professors, NAfME aims to encourage musical and educational growth in all members.

President: Emily Sebastian
Vice-President: Joslyn Thomas
Treasurer: Chelsea Simpkins
Media Coordinator: Lauren Goldman

The Residence Hall Association is student run and helps students enjoy their time spent on campus. Our goals for this year will include painting one of the practice rooms, having more outdoor sports related activities, building a hammock post zone, and having more community- building events. 

President: Krista Hastings
Vice President: Lauren Sander
Treasurer: McKenzie Smith
Secretary: Open

Sigma Alpha Iota
Sigma Alpha Iota is an International music fraternity for women. Formed to "uphold the highest standards of music" and "to further the development of music in America and throughout the world,” it continues to provide musical and educational resources to its members and the general public.

President: Caroline Patton 
Vice President, Membership: Robin Schmeider 
Treasurer: Katherine Angelli 
Recording Secretary: Maggie Kaetzel 
Corresponding Secretary: Claire Campbell
Editor: Kate Miksits
Sergeant at Arms: Megan Pendleton 

Soulfege explores the genre of male a cappella music through rehearsal, performance, and recording. 

Music Director; Joshua Acampado
Assistant Music Director; Daniel Wells
Vice President; Max Claycomb
Secretary; Nicholas Alifano
Treasurer; Zachary Fulcher
Media Coordinator; Holden Bihl

Vitamin D
Vitamin D, as best put by our former leaders, is Westminster Choir College's first official percussive ensemble, drum circle, and site of rhythmic exploration. Working under the Brazilian methodology of O Passo, founded by Brazilian music educator Lucas Ciavatta, we explore all its different pillars in numerous ways, with a clear focus on how to implement these ideals in our own musical endeavors, such as in all the ways to use them in teaching. 

We focus on Brazilian percussion repertoire, visual mapping of time, relying on the body's natural movement, different types of musical notation, and exploring rhythmic sight singing. We also create our own rhythmic compositional works and cannons while stepping as a team, all while breaking down every step of the process, allowing for questions to be asked, ideas to be tried, and connections to always be made. 

With a core value of being able to teach and lead our learnings, we highly encourage every member to lead an activity at least once every rehearsal, creating a safe environment for trial and reflection. Performances where we can both teach and demonstrate our learnings is also always a milestone and goal. 

For more information on Vitamin D and all that we do, please contact our Executive Board: 

Yasmin Siglam: [email protected]

Westminster Players
The Westminster Players is a faculty-advised organization that encourages student-run theatre, based on the Princeton campus of Rider University. It offers students the opportunity to direct and perform in mainstage, cabaret, charity/independent fund-raising musical theatre and straight theatre productions. We give future music leaders and educators the experience necessary to direct, produce, and perform on a professional level. 

More information at

Executive Director: McKenzie Sterner
Technical Director: Anthony Kurza
Director of Operations and Finance: Camille Watson
Director of Management: Olivia Dowden

As a WCC Student you also have the option to participate in any of the Lawrenceville based offerings: Visit Rider's Student Life Web site