Piano Proficiency Test

All undergraduate voice primary students must pass the Piano Proficiency Test and must continue to enroll for piano secondary study each semester until this requirement is met. The test is given during Orientation Week prior to the start of the fall term and at the end of each semester.

All Undergraduates

Repertoire requirement:

  • Two contrasting compositions selected from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist and Contemporary periods.

Keyboard skills requirement:

  • Prepare all major scales and harmonic forms of minor scales, ascending and descending, two octaves, hands alone.
  • Harmonize at sight a melody with a simple left-hand accompaniment.
  • Play a prepared left-hand accompaniment to four different melodies, using I, IV, and V7 chords, with or without given chord symbols. The student may select the first melody. The jury will select the second melody.
  • Transpose all four melodies a step up or down from the original key, prepared with an accompaniment.
  • Play a four-part open score.
  • Play "Happy Birthday" in the key of F or G major (student choice)
  • Harmonize and transpose a simple melody at sight. Block chords may be used.

Additional requirements for Music Education majors

  • Play “The Star-Spangled Banner” in A-flat major, “America the Beautiful” in C major, and “America” in F major.

Additional requirements for Sacred Music majors

  • Play “America the Beautiful” in C major and “America” in F major.
  • Play the hymn provided.

Additional requirements for Voice Performance majors

  • Play two prepared vocal accompaniments, both performed with a singer.

Additional requirements for Voice Performance and Music Theater majors

  • Play two prepared vocal accompaniments, one from the theater genre, both performed with a singer.

Additional requirements for Theory/Composition majors

  • Play the orchestral/instrumental score provided.

Additional requirements for Bachelor of Arts in Music students

  • Play an additional repertoire piece.