Graduate Organ Performance majors are required to play twice each semester in performance class. Semester juries are required. The degree program is culminated by one fully memorized or two nonmemorized recitals. The entrance audition may be waived for current Westminster seniors and, in some cases as determined by the department chair, for recent Westminster graduates. Students must take OR433 and 434 (carrying no graduate credit) or pass an exemption examination.

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Master of Music in Organ Performance (36 semester hours)

Major Area 22
OR587/589 Organ Improvisation I/II 2-2 4 (2 per term)
OR590 Accompanying at the Organ 2
OR629 Seminar in Organ Literature 2
OR641 Organ Primary (4 terms) 8 (2 per term)
OR723 Organ Literature Before 1800 3
OR724 Organ Literature Since 1800 3
SM511 Sacred Music Lab (1 term) 0
Core 11
MH731 Introduction to Musicology 3
CR509 Symphonic Choir (2 terms) 2 (1 per term)
  Theory or music history elective (1 course) 3
  Core elective *1 3
Electives 3
  Free electives 3


  1. The core elective must be a single, 3-credit graduate-level course outside the student’s major area, area of emphasis, and/or area of applied study.
  2. Students must demonstrate a reading knowledge of French or German equivalent to two years of college study of one of these two languages.
  3. Following departmental approval, one memorized or two non-memorized public recitals must be presented.