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The student agrees to abide by all University regulations and rules relating to housing as those rules may be amended from time to time, as the rules appear in this Agreement, the Student Handbook or other University publications or as otherwise posted or given to the student. Violation of these rules may result in reassignment of room or termination of the student’s right to continue in University housing. The following is a list of some of the rules applicable as of the time of the printing of this agreement. This list is not intended to be complete and it is subject to amendment.

Students are not permitted to modify or to authorize the modification of their rooms or other parts of the building. Furniture may not be removed from student rooms. The student is responsible for returning the room to the condition in which it was found upon assuming occupancy. Damage to public areas and furnishings may be charged to all students of the living unit, unless the liability is acknowledged by the student or students responsible for the damage, or unless the individuals responsible are identified.