Community Assistant Positions

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What is a Community Assistant?

A Community Assistant is an undergraduate student who is responsible for a number of students who live in the residence halls and greek houses.

He/she assists in the social, educational, cultural and community development of students in the residence halls and greek houses. The CA serves as a communicator, listener, and initiator of activities, resource person, limit-setter, administrator and friend. The CA is an extension of Residence Life, and is an integral part of its success by receiving suggestions and feedback from students.

The Community Assistant is a representative of Rider University, and acts as a positive role model for others both on and off campus.

What are the responsibilities of a Community Assistant?

The CA takes on many different responsibilities.

He/she will:

  • organize activities for the residents in his/her community;
  • be available to assist students in many different capacities;
  • be knowledgeable of the condition of the floor/house and maintain an environment conducive to both academic endeavors and community interaction;
  • be "on duty" on a rotating basis with other staff in their community in the evening to maintain an appropriate atmosphere and deal with emergencies;
  • assist with the opening and closing of the halls/houses;
  • maintain all room inventory forms and do periodic room checks to ensure the safety of the residents;
  • and above all act as a responsible leader and as a positive role model for all students.

How will the position benefit my personal growth?

Through training and interaction with other staff, administration, faculty and students, there will be many opportunities for personal growth. The opportunity to develop skills through participation in workshops on communication skills, time management, stress management, assertiveness training, community building, programming, leadership development, etc. enable you to take a closer look at yourself and provide you with the skills to help others in the process.

Is this position eligible for Engaged Learning Credits?


Staff Training

Some of the topics covered in training sessions include:

  • Community Building, 
  • Mediation Skills, 
  • Connecting Student to the Rider Community, 
  • Community Values, 
  • Housing Policies and Procedures, 
  • Crisis and Emergency Preparedness, 
  • Fire Safety and Simulation, 
  • Sexual Assault Response, 
  • Confrontation and Crisis Management Skills

Mandatory CA Class​

CA CLASS (Required-Newly Hired/Mid-Year Staff)
This 1 credit pass/fail class is taken during the fall semester and helps to strengthen skills learned during fall training. This class also serves as one of the ways to support staff throughout their first semester on the job. The class meets weekly during open periods on Tuesdays  at 4:30pm or Fridays at 2:30pm for the full academic semester.

What is the compensation for the Community Assistant position?

Community Assistants will be paid a salary on a biweekly basis and receive a scholarship to be applied to their tuition bill. 2019-2020 CAs will reside in their own double room at half the room rate. Community Assistants are generally hired for an academic year (August-Training through May-Senior Week).

CA Compensation  
Annual Stipend Paid Bi-Weekly $4966
Double air-conditioned room at half room rate Half of 2020-2021 room rate
$200 Housing Fee waived All hired candidates

How are Community Assistants selected?

To become a Community Assistant you must meet several criteria:

  1. Attend a MANDATORY information session.
  2. Be a current full time undergraduate student.
  3. Should have a 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher.
  4. Be in good standing with the University.
  5. Must be financially cleared by Financial Aid in order to be hired as a CA.

How to Apply

For Spring 2020 and Fall 2020

Apply Now! Attend one mandatory information session to receive the application! *See dates below*

All Applications are due at 11:59pm Friday, Nov 1st.

Resumes are required for full consideration and must be attached when completing the online application.

Completed Reference Forms must be completed on-line, please send the following Recommendation Form to references and contact Assistant Director, Christina Eugene [email protected] with any questions.

Must Attend a Mandatory Info Session

Dates for Info Sessions in Fall 2018

Lawrenceville Campus

  • Tues, September 17th at 6pm in Lynch Adler Hall 202
  • Tues, September 19th at 9pm in Lynch Adler Hall 202
  • Mon, September 23rd at 10pm in Ziegler Moore 2nd Floor Lounge
  • Wed, September 25th at 10pm in Poyda A lounge
  • Mon, September 30th at 6:30pm in Dalys Mercer Room
  • Thurs, October 3rd at 10pm Wright Hall Lounge
  • Tues, October 8th at 9pm in Lynch Adler Hall 202
  • Wed, October 9th at 10 pm in Switlik Hall B Lounge
  • Sun, October 13th at 7pm in SRC Seminar Room
  • Mon, October 14th at 10pm in Olson’s B-Lounge
  • Thurs, October 17th at 10pm in Conover B Lounge
  • Mon , October 21st at 6pm in Lynch Adler Hall 202

CA Group Process

Saturday, February 1, 2020 9am-1:00pm

CA Individual Interviews

Wednesday, February 5, 2020 and Friday, February 7, 2019 by appointment.

Notification of Hire

Prior to March 1st

Residence Life Mandatory Transition Day (In-Service)


Through these contacts, we hope to provide the opportunity for you to express your skills and abilities.

Interested students should contact Assistant Director Christina Eugene at 609 896 5057 or via email at [email protected]

As you consider this position, speak with your CA or any Residence Life or Greek Life staff member about the job. You will find that the current staff has found it to be a truly valuable and challenging experience. As a CA, you will assist other students and in the process you will develop skills that can be applicable in your future career.

Office Assistant (OA) Positionsbr /> Office Assistants staff the hall offices in each residence hall and the area office. Office Assistants distribute mail, packages, and equipment and provide high quality customer service to all residents. Applications are accepted on-line and If you are interested in applying online, please contact Assistant Director, Christina Eugene at [email protected]