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The following areas of operation make up the Office of Campus Life – campus activities, university traditions, student event management, community service, recreation programs, club sports, intramural sports, student governance, student clubs and organizations, leadership programs, and the campus pub.

The main focus of the Campus Life staff is to connect you to the Rider community and ensure that you build links to our university and create memories here that will last for a lifetime!

Services for Students

Event Registration Form (PDF)
SGA Check Request Form (PDF)

Weekend Warriors Newsletter

Every Wednesday, Campus Life staff sends out a listing of events, activities and programs planned for the upcoming weekend. This is an excellent way for students to stay connected with what’s going on and to link in to all of the fun things on campus. To sign up, contact the Office of Campus Life at (609)-896-5327 for more information.

Ticket Booth

Located in the BLC (next to the Information Desk)
[email protected]
Monday-Friday 1-4pm

Sign up or purchase tickets for various trips, programs, and events.
Student organizations can utilize the ticket booth for their own event sign ups and ticket sales by filling out this form and emailing it to [email protected] for review and approval.

Ticket Booth Event Registration Form

For the Arts visit the Box Office website.

Event Planning

Campus Life staff are among the premier event planners on-campus. Our staff is more than happy to assist your group in planning its next event or program. In addition, Campus Life is charged with the implementation of the Student Event Management Policy. This policy governs all student social events on-campus.
For more information, call x5327.

Posting Information On Campus

Those wishing to post information on campus must get approval from the Office of Campus Life. Postings will only be approved for a two week period. Materials cannot be affixed to walls, doors, glass surfaces, in bathrooms or elevators. Postings in all campus buildings should be on designated bulletin boards.

Please refer to the Campus Posting Policy for full guidelines.

Van Usage

The Office of Campus Life maintains 2 seven passenger mini vans for recognized student organizations and university departmental use. These vans can only be operated by authorized drivers only. To reserve a van or to learn more about becoming an authorized driver, call x5327.

Contract/Agreement Review

Before any student organization executes a contract or agreement with a individual, vendor, or agency, they must consult with a Campus Life staff member. Students are prohibited from signing and executing a contract or agreement.

Licensed Events/The Pub

The following rules and policies apply to the Rider Pub and other events where alcohol is licensed to be served:

  • An adequate supply of non-alcoholic beverages must be served;
  • Any non-Rider person must be the designated guest of a Rider community member;
  • Any individual violating the following Pub regulations as defined by the executive committee of the Rider University cooperative council may be subject  to loss of Pub privileges and/or judicial consequences:
    • Failure to show one’s Rider photo ID card when requested to do so by any Pub employee
    • Stealing, destruction or defacement of any Pub property 
    • Taking any alcoholic beverages out of the Pub or bringing any alcoholic beverages into the Pub
    • Failure to leave the Pub when requested to do so by the Pub authority
    • Any actions which may endanger the Pub/event license such as profane language, fighting, intoxication, etc.
    • Any actions which disturb the general decorum
    • Possession or use of any illegal substances
    • Gambling
    • Disregard for behavior of one’s guests

Contact the Office of Campus Life

Office of Campus Life - Lawrenceville
Bart Luedeke Center
Student Affairs Suite
Phone: 609.896.5327
Fax: 609.895-5479

Associate Dean of Students Office – Westminster Choir College
Scheide Student Center
Phone: 609-921-7100 x8263