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Welcome from the SGA President

Dear Broncs,

My name is Paige Ewing and I feel privileged to be serving as your 2019-2020 Student Body President. On behalf of the Rider University Student Government Association, I am so incredibly excited to have you as a member of the Rider family.

As you know our community is ever-changing and growing which leads to fantastic opportunities for students to voice their opinions. Our goal as a Student Government is to lead students towards a complete university experience. We acknowledge that a “complete” university experience is different for each and every person. While we may have 60 members who are dedicated to representing every bronc on campus, this goal can only be accomplished by other students getting involved. SGA is here to make sure every student feels at home and is here to make sure students get the most out of their college experiences.

If there is ever anything that I, or my fellow Executive, Cabinet or Senate members of the Student Government Association can do to improve your experience, please do not hesitate to stop by our office in the Student Leadership Suite of the BLC, send me an email, or even just say “hi”. I look forward to hearing your story and how SGA can be a part of it.

Have a great semester and Go Broncs!

Paige Ewing
Student Body President

Student Government Association (SGA) Official Documents

About the Finance Board

Purpose: The authority to approve appropriations of the Lawrenceville Student Activities Fee is invested in the Lawrenceville SGA Student Finance Board.

The finance board is a subcouncil of the Student Government Association under the Vice President of Finance and Administration that exists to support the initiatives, goals, and activities of Rider organizations and departments by allocating revenue from the Student Activity Fee and fairly distributing it to organizations and departments on the Lawrenceville Campus. The Finance Board applies consistent unbiased funding decisions to represent the interests of Rider full-time undergraduate students and enhances campus life by supporting the educational mission of Rider University. The Student Activity Fund is broken down into smaller pods of funding: Budgets, Allocations, Spontaneous, Late Night Weekend Programming, and Conference funding.

For the most up-to-date schedule and information including meeting times, funding request forms and check requests, please refer to the LAW Student Finance Board page on Bronc Nation.