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Rider University has more than 5,000 motor vehicles on its campuses every day.  For reasons of safety, convenience, orderly traffic and parking, the Department of Public Safety enforces the following regulations.  These regulations apply to all members of the community, including students, faculty, staff, administrators and guests at all times.

Please note that the operation of a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege which may be withdrawn by the University for failure to comply with these regulations.

Please also note that the University assumes no responsibility for the care of, protection of, or damage to any motor vehicle or its contents at any time it is operated on, parked on, or removed from University property.

General Parking/Traffic Regulations

  1. The speed limit on both campuses is 15 miles per hour.
  2. Every vehicle on either campus must be properly registered through the Department of Public Safety.  Altered or fictitious registration will result in a disciplinary action for violating Section 1.1. of the Code of Social Conduct (personal misrepresentation). 
  3. Students who operate their vehicles in an unsafe manner or who fail to adhere to traffic regulations for moving vehicles may face disciplinary action for violating Section 2.3 of the Code of Social Conduct (reckless endangerment).  
  4. A vehicle may be ticketed for the same violation at the same location only once per shift (midnight to 8 a.m.; 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; 4 p.m. to midnight).
  5. Any individual who has accumulated 5 or more traffic violations of any type during an academic year subjects their vehicle to towing and/or loss of driving/parking privileges for any traffic violation thereafter.  Additional consequences could include parental notification and disciplinary action.  
  6. Parking in areas that hinder access to buildings, block entrance/egress through building doors or in front of fire hydrants is prohibited.  Parking on the grass, grounds and sidewalks is also prohibited.  All areas in Lawrence Township adjacent to the University are off limits for parking.
  7. Students may request permission in advance with Public Safety to temporarily park in violation of traffic regulations while loading or unloading personal belongings during times other than openings, closings, semester breaks or holidays.  Once permission is granted, students must load or unload as quickly as possible.  Either a valid driver must be with the vehicle at all times or the driver must provide immediate contact information (i.e. location, cell phone number) to Public Safety prior to loading or unloading.
  8. Visitors are required to obtain a visitor’s parking permit from the Department of Public Safety and display it on the driver’s side of the dashboard.  These permits may be obtained any time.  Failure to obtain a permit may result in the vehicle being ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.  

    Community members are responsible for informing their visitors/guests of all parking and traffic regulations.  Visitors who violate traffic regulations are subject to fines as applicable.  Students are responsible for traffic or parking violation fines incurred by their visitors.  A request to remove the visitor’s fines or information from the student’s record can be made to the Department of Public Safety.  
  9. Both registrant (community member) and driver are responsible for adherence to all parking and traffic regulations. Therefore, any resulting penalties and restrictions may apply to both. If a parking ticket is issued, the community member shall be held responsible when:
    • The vehicle is registered with Public Safety to that member.
    • The vehicle is registered with MVC to an individual with the same home address as the member.  
    • The vehicle is registered to a place of business which has in its employ an individual with the same home/local address as the community member and who has been designated as the person ‘assigned’ to the vehicle.
    • The vehicle is not registered with the Department of Public Safety but has been identified as operated by the community member.
  10. Operators of motorcycles are subject to the same regulations that govern other motor vehicles.  When operating motorcycles on campus, the driver and passenger are required to wear safety equipment in accordance with New Jersey state law. 

    Motorcycles, motor bikes or motor scooters may not be driven on pathways or off road areas.  These vehicles may park in stalls specifically designed for them or in all other parking spots.  Under no circumstances may they be stored in or parked adjacent to campus residences or other buildings.
  11. Any motor vehicle that has not been driven for 10 consecutive days may be determined an ‘abandoned’ vehicle.  When it has been determined that a vehicle has been abandoned by the owner, the vehicle will be towed from the Rider campus at the owner’s expense.
  12. In the event that a vehicle becomes disabled in a restricted area, it is the responsibility of the operator to contact the Department of Public Safety immediately.  Failure to do so subjects the vehicle to ticketing and towing.
  13. Reasonable attempts will be made to notify owners whose vehicles are parked in normally authorized locations but have become off-limits due to weather related or other emergencies.  In the event the owners cannot be notified, the vehicles may need to be towed.

Traffic Violations and Fines


41-lA Registration and License 
All motor vehicles must be properly state registered with license plate permanently affixed. (Violation penalty-$10) 

41-1B Unregistered Motorcycles or Mini-Bikes
Motorcycles and mini-bikes must be properly state-registered and insured for operation on campus. (Violation penalty-$10)

41-1C Decal Violations
All motor vehicles must be properly registered with Public Safety, only one set of decals or one hangtag may be displayed, and the decals/hangtag must be properly displayed. Issued temporary permits must be displayed on the driver’s side of the dashboard. (Violation penalty-$10)

41-1D Unlicensed Operator
All operators must have a current driver’s license and insurance documents in their possession while operating a motor vehicle on campus. (Violation penalty-$20)

41-1E Reporting Accidents
All operators/passengers/pedestrians involved in a motor vehicle accident on campus must immediately report the accident to Public Safety. (Violation penalty-$10)

41-1F Providing Accident Information
All operators involved in a motor vehicle accident must provide proper ID, driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance documents to all involved vehicle operators and to investigating Public Safety personnel. (Violation penalty-$10) 

41-1G Reporting Disabled Vehicles
The owner/operator of a disabled vehicle shall report it immediately to Public Safety. Submission of a false report can result in disciplinary action. (Violation penalty-$10)


41-2A Parking/Obstructing Roadways/Unattended Vehicles in Pickup and Drop-off Areas
Parking is not permitted on any campus roadway. Also prohibited is operation of a vehicle which obstructs or impedes the passage of other vehicles, including emergency vehicles, or pedestrian traffic. (Violation penalty-$40) In addition to the fine, vehicle may be towed.

41-2B Unauthorized Lot
All vehicles shall park only in authorized lots as designated by signs or parking permits. (Violation penalty-$20) In addition to the fine, vehicle may be towed.

41-2C 15-Minute Standing Zones
All vehicles may stand in the spaces marked “15-minute zone” for 15-minute loading and unloading only. (Violation penalty-$10) In addition to the fine, vehicle may be towed.

41-2D Fire Zone Violation
All persons shall refrain from parking their vehicles in an area that is an indicated fire zone. (Violation penalty-$50) In addition to the fine, vehicles may be towed.

41-2E Handicap Spaces
All persons shall refrain from parking in designated handicap spaces without proper authorization. (Violation penalty-$250 initial and subsequent fines each and also subject to up to 90 days of municipal community service.) In addition to the fine, vehicle may be towed.

41-2F Unattended Vehicles
Operators will turn off ignition and remove key from any unattended vehicle. (Violation penalty-$10)

41-2G Parking/Driving on the Grass
No parking or driving of vehicles is permitted on the grounds, grass areas and sidewalks of the entire campus. Violators’ vehicles are subject to ticketing, booting and/or towing. (Violation penalty-$10 plus ground repairs if necessary)


41-3A Failure to Comply with Instructions
All operators shall obey all traffic instructions given to them by Public Safety personnel by voice, hand, whistle, or emergency vehicle equipment. (Violation penalty-$40)

41-3B Disregarding Signs
All operators shall obey all posted traffic signs, signals, and notices. (Violation penalty-$40)

41-3C Yield to Emergency Vehicles
All operators shall yield to emergency vehicles using flashing blue or red emergency lights. (Violation penalty-$40) 

41-3D Vehicle Lights
All operators shall have their vehicles properly illuminated (headlights and taillights) from dusk to dawn and when weather conditions limit visibility. (Violation penalty-$20)

41-3E Driving Too Fast for Conditions or Exceeding the Speed Limit
Speed limit on all campus roadways is 15 mph. This limit shall not be exceeded at any time. (Violation penalty-$40)

41-3F Yield to Pedestrians
All motor vehicle operators shall yield to pedestrians. (Violation penalty-$20)

41-3G Designated Roadways
All persons shall operate their motor vehicles only on officially designated roadways. (Violation penalty-$20) 

41-3H Roadway Lanes
All persons shall operate their motor vehicles within lanes marked on the roadway. (Violation penalty-$20)

41-3I Yield at Intersection
All motor vehicles will yield to the first vehicle to enter an intersection. (Violation penalty-$20)

41-3J Yield/Two Vehicles
If two vehicles enter the intersection at the same time, the driver on the right has the right of way. (Violation penalty-$20)

41-3K Entering and Exiting
All motor vehicles shall enter/exit Rider campus through designated entrances and exits. Also, drivers shall not intentionally abuse the use of gate arm systems by willfully compromising the exit arm for use as an entrance. (Violation penalty-$40) 

41-3L Right Hand Turns
All drivers making authorized right hand turns shall do so by making the turn as close as practicable to the right hand curb/edge of the roadway and shall utilize proper turn signals. (Violation penalty-$20)

41-3M Left Hand Turns
All drivers making authorized left hand turns shall do so by checking for oncoming traffic, utilizing proper turning signals, and proceeding through the turn while staying on the proper side of the roadway at all times. (Violation penalty-$20)

41-3N Following/Tailgating 
All operators are to leave sufficient distance when following another moving vehicle: one car length per 10 mph. (Violation penalty-$20)

41-3O Yield/Parking Lots 
Vehicles traveling within the lanes of a parking lot must yield to those vehicles entering the parking lot from established roadways. Vehicles exiting the parking lot lanes must yield to oncoming roadway traffic. (Violation penalty-$20)

41-3P Backing Out of Parking Spaces
It is the responsibility of the motor vehicle operator backing out of a parking space to ensure that the area is clear before proceeding. (Violation penalty-$20)


41-4A Riding Outside Vehicle
All persons, while riding in a motor vehicle, will not have any portion of their body extended beyond the limits of the vehicles. (Violation penalty-$20)

41-4B Permitting Riding Outside Vehicle
Operators shall not allow others to ride in areas of their motor vehicle not designed for the conveyance of passengers. (Violation penalty-$20)

41-4C Motorcycle Equipment
All persons must be properly attired when operating motorcycles, i.e., helmets and protective clothing. (Violation penalty-$20)

41-4D Obstructing Vision
All operators shall have a clear view of the road to the side and rear. (Violation penalty-$20)

Section 41-5 – OTHER 
(Violation penalty-$20

Traffic Ticket Appeals

If you believe that a ticket may have been inappropriately issued, you may seek to have it reviewed administratively.  This review is initiated by completing a Traffic Ticket Review Form which must be submitted via email within fifteen (15) days of the issuing of the citation.  All reviews are conducted by a Traffic Ticket Review Board comprising representatives of the student body and staff.  The decision of the Board is final and is communicated via regular mail to the person making the appeal. 

Complete a Traffic Ticket Review Form