Lawrenceville and Princeton Campuses Traffic Ticket Review Form

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This form must be submitted via email within fifteen (15) days of the date on the traffic ticket. Please submit a separate form for each ticket.

Please provide a detailed statement to explain or support your reason(s) for review. Remember to print out a copy of this form for your records. A Traffic Ticket Review Board will render a decision on this appeal and you will be notified via your Rider email of the result. Due to the significant health and safety risks associated with such violations, citations for parking in handicap spaces, fire zones and on crosswalks will require compelling circumstances for reversal. If temporary parking in an unauthorized zone is required (e.g. for loading/unloading), Public Safety  must grant permission in advance.

Please enter a mailing address that can be used to send you notification of appeal results.
Please enter the following information from your ticket.
Please include two-letter abbreviation of issuing state before license plate information (ex: NJ xxx-xxx or PA xxx-xxx).