Responsible Employees

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Responsible employees are University employees who have the authority to redress sexual violence, who have the duty to promptly report incidents of sexual violence or other student misconduct, or who a student could reasonably believe have this authority or duty. When a Complainant tells a responsible employee about an alleged violation of the Policy, the responsible employee shall report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator, who shall take immediate and appropriate steps to investigate what happened and to resolve the matter promptly, fairly and impartially.

To the extent possible, information reported to responsible employees will be shared only with people responsible for handling the University’s response to the report.

Responsible employees will not pressure a Complainant to request confidentiality and will not pressure a Complainant to make a full report if the Complainant is not ready to do so.

All Rider University employees (faculty, administrators and staff) are considered responsible employees EXCEPT for those listed below. Responsible employees also include students who are employed by Residence Life as Community Assistants and Community Directors.

  • Counseling Center and Student Health Center professional and non-professional staff (to whom a Complainant can report confidentially). The Alcohol/Drug & Sexual Assault Prevention Education Coordinator (ASAP), who works in the Student Health Center, is not included in this exemption.
  • Facilities (non-management) staff
  • Contracted food, custodial, bookstore, SRC fitness center, credit union and printing/copying staff are NOT Rider employees and are therefore NOT considered responsible employees.