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Office of Community StandardsAs an academic community, Rider University is committed to providing a vibrant, safe environment in which living and learning can occur. An academic community in which students, faculty administrators, and staff come together in voluntary association differs from other communities. In order to function effectively and to provide a climate in which all members can fulfill their personal and community obligations, guidelines for defining rights and responsibilities within that community must be articulated. The Student Code of Social Conduct attempts to do that by allowing each student the greatest possible freedom consistent with the community’s welfare. Violations of the standards of social conduct as defined in these regulations will be adjudicated by the appropriate hearing authority.

Our Mission

The Office of Community Standards supports the overall mission of the University by fostering a commitment to social and ethical responsibility. The office serves the Rider Community by:

  • Fostering awareness of Rider University policy through oversight and promotion of the Student Code of Social Conduct.
  • Educating the Rider community by promoting the University's Statement of Community Values.
  • Providing a fair and equitable enforcement of the Code of Social Conduct through the involvement of students, faculty, and administrators.
  • Managing information in a confidential manner.
  • Acting as a competent team member of Student Affairs.

Statement of Community Values

In our endeavor to make Rider University a just community, we commit ourselves, as caring individuals, to the following principles:

  • That our rigorous intellectual life nourishes our minds and spirits;
  • That no person roam these halls as a stranger;
  • That integrity of word and deed forms the foundation of all relationships;
  • That we recognize that real leadership is derived from service to others;
  • That we celebrate our differences for they are our strength;
  • That we are proud of this special place, entrusted to us by past generations, nurtured by us for future ones;
  • That we share not on Truth, but respect our common pursuit for understanding;
  • And through the time we spend here, we are forever joined to each other and to Rider University.

Contact the Office of Community Standards

Bart Luedeke Center, Room 116 & 117
Student Affairs Suite
[email protected]