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Auxiliary Services helps plan and coordinate camps, conferences, meetings and events on campus.
Responsible for activities, student event management, community service, the recreation program, club sports, intramural sports, student governance, and student clubs and organizations.
Inter-faith activities are sponsored jointly by the Board of Chaplains, which represents various denominations.
Provides access to online coursework.

Provides resume assistance, interview preparation, job search/postings, networking, career fairs, graduate school preparation, alumni services, employer partnerships and more.

A Center of Excellence in the Norm Brodsky College of Business, the Center for Business Analytics provides multidisciplinary instruction and professional development programs to prepare students for careers with corporate, law enforcement and government organizations.
Fosters student-teacher collaboration, incorporates student life experiences in the learning process, and adapts instruction to accommodate individual learning styles.
A Center of Excellence in the Norm Brodsky College of Business, The Center for the Development of Leadership Skills provides training that produces innovative leaders and confident professionals.
Unity + Diversity = University | Center for Diversity and Inclusion

To help students discover and nurture their entrepreneurial potential for the creation of new ventures and the enhancement of their entrepreneurial spirit.

The Center for International Education is the University’s “gateway” to a world of opportunities for academic, professional and personal growth in the 21st century.

Offers non-traditional adult students courses, certificates and degree programs that are designed to help them continue their education while balancing work and family responsibilities.
The College of Education and Human Services prepares undergraduate and graduate students for professional careers in education, organizations, and agencies in the diverse American society.
The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers the intellectual experience, challenge, and skills to become inspired and motivated leaders of tomorrow whether as teachers, doctors, chemists, or writers.
Information related to Commencement on the Lawrenceville and Princeton Campuses.
Home to The Bronc swimming and diving program.
Partners with corporations, foundations and other private entities to enhance educational opportunities for students and academic opportunities for faculty.