Rider provides Mercer County Community College students 15 new transfer opportunities

Agreement brings total number of transfer options to 43

Rider University and Mercer County Community College signed dual admission agreements for 15 programs on Dec. 13, expanding the educational opportunities for Mercer students who choose to complete their bachelor’s degree at Rider. The total number of transfer agreements between the two institutions now stands at 43.

During a ceremony on the Mercer County College campus, representatives from both institutions chose an agreement for one program — computer science — to sign that symbolized the signing of the other 14 new agreements. Under the agreement, Mercer students who earn an Associate of Science in Computer Science are guaranteed transfer admission to Rider to continue work toward a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Rider's computer science program represents one of the University's fastest-growing majors. Its curriculum teaches the reasoning, communication and problem-solving skills of a liberal arts education with the computer technical knowledge. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects computing and information technology jobs will grow overall by 22 percent through 2022.

"These new agreements are the latest steps we've taken to mutually benefit our students," says Rider's president, Gregory G. Dell'Omo. "These steps create a wonderful opportunity for students to excel in their pursuit of an advanced academic degree and be well prepared for a successful career after they graduate."

Other new agreements include nine that guarantee admission for those who wish to major in programs in Rider's AACSB-accredited College of Business Administration; four for guaranteed admission into Rider's program in allied health studies; and an A.A.S. Medical Laboratory Technology & Professional Phase to a Bachelor of Science in Health Science 3 +1 Agreement. The 3+1 agreement will allow students who complete the rigorous three-year program at Mercer to complete their Bachelor of Science in Health Science at Rider in just two semesters.

The new agreements grant full junior-class admission to Rider for Mercer students who have declared their participation in the program before accruing 30 credit hours at Mercer, have taken and completed all courses in the prescribed program curriculum, have earned their associate degree and have earned a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. Rider will waive application fees. Most of the agreements also offer a free three- or four-credit course that counts toward the major at Rider.

“This is a sign of a great friendship, and a great partnership,” said Dr. Jianping Wang, president of Mercer County Community College. “We are very proud to partner with Rider University to create new opportunities for our students to earn a bachelor’s degree by making the process smooth, accessible and affordable.”