Visit the Presser Voice Lab for a vocal vibrato assessment on April 16.

Westminster Choir College will participate in the worldwide, annual World Voice Day, the voice matters, on Tuesday, April 16, which aims to celebrate and promote the importance of the voice, focusing on excellent vocal technique and health practices, both enhanced by vocal pedagogy and science.

In an effort to promote vocal awareness, the Presser Voice Lab, on the campus of Westminster Choir College, will conduct experiments on participant's vocal vibrato, the natural fluctuation in the voice that occurs with a well-produced tone, measuring its extent and rate, to improve vocal balance. With the use of visual, aural and kinesthetic aids, the experiments will allow the participants to see how their personal vibrato appears and use the information to assess the average vibrato range for today's classical singer. Those participating will be granted access to the Singing Voice Handicap Index, a research tool which examines issues and concerns related to vocal health.

The Presser Voice Lab will be open to students from 12:30-6p.m. Appointments are required to participate in this event. To make an appointment, email Joshua Glasner at [email protected] or by signing up on the sheet provided on the door of the Presser Voice Lab (Erdman #13).

To learn more, please visit or email Kathy Kessler Price at [email protected].