Peter Tiano will offer insight into how data drives decision-making in professional sports
Aimee LaBrie
The presentation ties into one of Rider's newest offerings, a major in sports management.

The presentation ties into one of Rider's newest offerings, a major in sports management.

Guest speaker Peter Tiano from the software company SAP Americas will give a presentation on sports analytics on Tuesday, March 25, at 6:30 p.m. in SWG 115. His talk will focus on how data and analytics are used to gain insight into player performance and to enhance the fan experience in organizations like the NBA, NFL and MLB.  

After his discussion and demonstrations, Tiano will be available to answer questions about the growing use of data analytics across different industries.  

The event will allow participants to hear firsthand about the importance of “harnessing large volumes of data and using analytics for better, data-driven decision making,” says Dr. Lauren Eder, professor of Information Systems and director of the Center for International Business in the College of Business Administration. 

However, this topic is not limited to sports outcomes. “The same types of tools and methods are being used in a variety of industries,” Eder explains. “Data analytics enable professionals to gain new insights, learn new facts, and ultimately make more precise and more effective decisions.” 

The presentation also ties into one of Rider University’s newest offerings for the fall of 2014, a major in sports management available through the College of Business Administration. This new program helps students prepare for a career in one of the world’s biggest businesses: the fast-growing, multi-billion dollar sport industry. Students interested in pursuing this focus will benefit from learning more from Tiano about how analytics is influencing and transforming the business of sports. 

Tiano has over 25 years of experience with enterprise applications, software development, data warehousing and analytics. In his current role as solution director at SAP, he works in an advisory capacity providing business and technical expertise in big data and analytics to all kinds of business organizations.  

This event is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Dr. Lauren Eder at [email protected].