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Information Systems and Supply Chain Management
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Sweigart Hall 371
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2083 Lawrenceville Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
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Dr. Lauren Eder is a professor of Information Systems in the Department of Information Systems & Supply Chain Management. She holds a Ph.D. and MBA from Drexel University and a BS from Boston University. Dr. Eder teaches graduate and undergraduate business courses including information systems for supply chain management, data mining, electronic commerce, and management information systems, as well as the EMBA international seminar and other international business study tour courses. She has traveled with Rider business students to a variety of countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Dr. Eder has taught in Shanghai, China as part of Rider’s partnership with Sanda University, and in Panama through a Fulbright Specialists Program award. Her research interests involve the adoption and diffusion of information systems and technology. Prior to joining Rider University in 1996, Dr. Eder worked for IBM and Digital Equipment Corporation.

Background Information

  • Doctor of Philosophy, 1998, Drexel University, Management Information Systems, Organizational Behavior
  • Master of Business Administration, 1997, Drexel University, Management Information Systems
  • Bachelor’s of Science, 1982, Boston University, Business Education

Academic Experience – International

Director, Rider University, Center for International Business (November 2007 - 2015)


Association for Information Systems, Center for Creative Leadership

Refereed Articles

  • Eder, L. B., Antonucci, Y. L., & Monk, E. F. (June 2019).  Developing a Framework to Understand Student Engagement, Team Dynamics, and Learning Outcomes Using ERPsim.   Journal of Information Systems Education.
  • Denbo, S. M. & Eder, L. B. (2014). Experiential Learning and Global Competence: Enhancing Short Term Study Abroad Learning Outcomes with Business Partnership Collaboration. Journal of International Business Education, 9, 1-22.

Refereed Proceedings

Full Paper

  • Monk, E.F., Eder, L.B., Antonucci, Y., Cantor, W. & Murray-Jackson, L.H. (2017).  Competition Beyond the Classroom: A Regional Collaboration to Enhance ERP Instruction.  SAP Academic Conference Americas.
  • Eder, L.B. & Monk, E. (2016).  The ERPsim Game Inter-university Dashboard Collaboration.  SAP Academic Conference Americas.

Presentation of Refereed Papers


  • Eder, L. B. & Susan, D. E. (2015). Pre-trip planning and collaboration with international partners: Improving business student engagement during the short-term study abroad.   CIEE, Berlin, Germany.


  • Monk, E. F., Eder, L. B., & Antonucci, Y. L. (April 2019).  Using ERPsim to Examine the Effects of Student Engagement and Team Dynamics on Learning Outcomes.   Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Annual Conference.
  • Monk, E.F., Eder, L.B., Antonucci, Y., Cantor, W., & Murray-Jackson, L.H. (2017)  Competition Beyond the Classroom: A Regional Collaboration to Enhance ERP Instruction.  SAP Academic Conference Americas, New York, NY.


  • Eder, L.B. (2016)  Extending the Use of a Real-time Business Simulation Game: A University and High School Collaboration.  NJEDGE.Net Faculty Showcase, Hoboken, NJ.

Working Papers

  • Eder, L.B. (2018).  "Using an ERP Simulation Game to Assess Team Engagement, Knowledge, and Dynamics."



  • 2017: Faculty Leave of Absence. The Data Analytics-Enabled Professional: Curriculum Development in the Undergraduate Business Curriculum to Address The Shortage of Essential U.S. Workforce Skills. Rider University.
  • 2015: Davis Fellowship: Connecting High School Students to Business Using the ERPsim Game with SAP. Rider University.
  • 2014: Summer Research Fellowship Award for 'Flipping the Classroom: Enhancing the Active Learning Approach to Improve Student Learning Outcomes in an Information Systems Course'. Rider University.
  • 2013: Summer Faculty Development Award for 'Real Time Business Decision Making in an Uncertain World: Enhancing Rider's Enterprise Systems Curriculum with SAP HANA'. Rider University.
  • 2012: Chair's Research Leave of Absence - International Collaborative Microcredit Initiatives and Cloud Computing. Rider University.
  • 2009: Rider University. Summer Faculty Development Award for 'Developing a Service Learning Course for Rider Students to Make a Difference in Africa'
  • 2009: Fulbright Senior Specialist Award. Fulbright Association. Taught first Doctoral Seminar in Information Systems at Universidad de Panama
  • 2008: Rider University. Davis Fellowship, Social Commerce Research, Rider University Norm Brodsky College of Business
  • 2007: Mazzotti Awards in Women's Leadership. Leadership Development Award for Women
  • 2007: Rider University - Chairperson Summer Development Fellowship. Develop hybrid/blended learning course for E-commerce at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • 2002: SAP Corporation. SAP University Alliance 2002 Grant Awards Program
  • 1999: Northeast Decision Sciences Institute. Babson College CIMS Best Paper Award
  • 1999: Rider University. Summer Research Fellowship
  • 1999: Davis Fellowship, SAP Alliance Program, Rider University.
  • 1999: Decision Sciences Institute. New Faculty Development Consortium
  • 1999: New Faculty Development Consortium, Decision Sciences Institute.
  • 1998: Junior Faculty Consortium, Academy of Management (HCMD).
  • 1997: Doctoral Student Consortium, Academy of Management (OCIS).
  • 1996: Doctoral Student Consortium, Decision Sciences Institute.


  • 2004: Rider University. Jesse H. Harper Professorship, Enterprise Integration
  • 2003: Rider University. Jesse H. Harper Professorship, Enterprise Integration
  • 2001: Commission of Higher Education & Rider University. 'Smart Cart' Mobile Computing Lab
  • 2001: Wireless Technology, Rider University. Summer Faculty Development Fellowship
  • 1999: Rider University. Davis Fellowship
  • 1999: Rider University. Summer Research Fellowship
  • 1998: Academy of Management, Healthcare Management Division. Junior Faculty Consortium - invited participant
  • 1997: Academy of Management. Academy of Management, Organizational Communications and Information systems/Technology and Innovation Management - Doctoral Consortium - invited participant
  • 1996: Decision Sciences Institute Doctoral Consortium. Invited participant