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Graduate Education, Leadership, and Counseling
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Bierenbaum Fisher Hall 202F
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2083 Lawrence Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
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Dr. Kathleen Marie Pierce is a professor in the Department of Graduate Education, Leadership, and Counseling in the School of Education at Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ.

Having worked as a high school English teacher for over 20 years, she includes among her current scholarly interests the nature of collegial teacher collaboration to promote inquiry-based learning and interdisciplinary understanding. A driving motivation behind her teaching, scholarship, and service is creating partnerships in and outside of the traditional classroom walls for more productive and enjoyable learning and relationships.

Dr. Pierce investigates socio-cultural borderlines in academic contexts as well as the complex dynamics underlying learning, teacher development, and professional acculturation.

K.M. Pierce Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Graduate School of Education / Division of Reading, Writing, Literacy. Dissertation: Seen But Not Heard: Students and Their Stories of School, an ethnographic study of schooling with six high school students. May 1994

Rutgers, The State University, New Brunswick, NJ
Graduate School of Education / English Education. December 1987

Glassboro State College (now Rowan University), Glassboro, NJ
BA May 1979
NJ Teacher of English Certification January 1980


Curriculum & Teaching in Middle/Secondary Schools - GLTP 520
Literacy & Learning in Middle/Secondary Schools - GLTP 503
Seminar and Internship in Student Teaching - GLTP 570
Supervision of Student Teachers in Secondary English Language Arts Field Placements
Teaching English Language Arts in Secondary Schools - Cross-listed English methods course GLTP 504/SED 400

Projects and Presentations


Magro, K., & Pierce, K. M. (2016). Creative approaches to literacy learning: A transformative vision for education in the 21st century (pp. 191-210). Ambrose, D., & Sternberg, R.J. (Eds.) Creative intelligence in the 21st century: Grappling with enormous problems and huge opportunities. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense.

Pierce, K. M. (2014). A Shakespeare festival midwives complexity (pp. 215-225). In Ambrose, D. &  Sriraman, B., & Pierce, K. M. (Eds.). A critique of creativity and complexity: Deconstructing clichés. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense.

Pierce, K. M. (2014). It’s not easy being pupal: Mentoring along the chaos-order continuum of professional induction (pp. 239-248). In Ambrose, D. & Sriraman, B., & Pierce, K. M. (Eds.). A critique of creativity and complexity: Deconstructing clichés. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense.

Pierce, K. M., & Kash, L. R. (2012). Paralysis from analysis: Arguing for a break from tradition high school English. In D. Ambrose, R. J. Sternberg, & B. Sriraman (Eds.), Confronting dogmatism in gifted education (pp. 181-192). New York: Routledge.

Lackie, R. J., LeMasney, J. W., & Pierce, K. M. (2009). The myths, realities, and practicalities of working with Gen M. In V. B. Cvetkovic & R. J. Lackie (Eds.), Teaching Generation M: A handbook for librarians and educators (pp. 3-14) [Introduction]. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers.

Pierce, K. M. (January – March 2007). Betwixt and between: Liminality in beginning teaching. The New Educator, 3(1), 31-49.

Pierce, K. M. (2006). Hopes, fears, and norm setting: Using a student teaching introductory protocol. The New Jersey Journal of Supervision and Curriculum Development, 51, 40-48.

Pierce, K. M. (2005, December/2006, January). Posing, pretending, waiting for the bell: Life in high school classrooms. The High School Journal, 89(2), 1-15.

Pierce, K. M. (2005). Punctuating student teaching supervision with INTASC Standards: Highlighting the convergence of personal experience and professional standards. The New Jersey Journal of Supervision and Curriculum Development, 49, 11-26.

Pierce, K. M., & McQuillan, K. (2005). Sharing strength: Collaborating around the general education curriculum with special educators. The New Jersey Journal of Supervision and Curriculum Development, 50, 19-27.

Presentations (Academic and professional presentations)

April 2012 - The New Jersey Writing Alliance 2012 Conference, Lakewood, NJ. "Exploring a Relationship Composed Around Writing: Lessons from a 9th Grade Writers/English Methods Course Partnership."

November 2009 - NCTE Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA. Reading as Springboard to All Else: Using Texts to Inspire Essential Questions that Frame ELA Planning. Paper presented at the 99th Annual Convention of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

November 2009 - Mentoring Conference, Albuquerque, NM. Launching a Joint Labor-Management Mentoring Program in a Unionized Environment: Creating a Context for Success at Rider University. Co-presented with Dr. Kathy Browne.

May 2007 - Rider University Faculty Development DayTacit Cultures and Provocative Borderlands. Session planned and presented with Rider faculty: Paul Jivoff, Kelly Lake, and Arlene Wilner.

January 2007 - Rider University Faculty Development. Engaging Students in Group Discussion/Learning in Class and Blackboard. Workshop conducted with John LeMasney.

August 2006, 2007 - Rider University New-Faculty Orientation. Fundamentals of Teaching & Learning: Students as Learners, Course Design, and Using Instructional Technology Workshop conducted with Dr. Don Ambrose, Kendall Friedman John LeMasney.

May 2006 - Rider University Faculty Development Day Presentation. Teacher-Scaffolded/Student-Directed Blackboard Discussions.

November 2005 - NCTE Annual Convention, Pittsburgh, PA. Finding common ground: Collaboratingaround theEnglish language arts curriculum with special educators. Paper presented at the 95th Annual Convention of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

May 2005 - Rider University Faculty Development Day Presentation. Innovative Course DesignWorkshop presentation with Dr. Kathy McQuillan.

April 2005 - NJ Council for Exceptional Children (NJCEC) Annual Conference, Iselin, NJ. Collaborative planning for ALL learners in the general education classroom. Workshop presented with Dr. Kathy McQuillan.

November 2003 - The Council for Exceptional Children Teacher Education Division (TED) Conference, Biloxi, MS. Collaboration in Higher Education: Co-Teaching a Secondary and Special Education Instructional Practices Course. Paper presented with Dr. Kathy McQuillan.

Notre Dame High School/Rider University Writing Partnership

9th Grade Writing Collection

"A Guiding Hand": The Rider News features a story about our 9th Grade/English methods course Writing Partnership. The semester-long partnership culminated with a bound collection of students' writing and a celebration of writing at Notre Dame High School in December with students, pre-service English educators, teachers, and parents.