Private Instruction & Class Information

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Music study at Westminster Conservatory provides a unique opportunity for musical growth and is available to students of all ages and stages of ability.

Feel free to spread the word about Westminster Conservatory’s music lessons and classes now! Open registration for 2019-20 begins on June 10, 2019!

To receive a 2019–20 catalog in the mail, please e-mail the Conservatory at [email protected] or call 609-921-7104 ext. 2. Include your full name, mailing address, and telephone number.



At Westminster Conservatory, you get more than just music lessons, classes, and performing ensembles. Students enrolled at the Conservatory receive a number of special benefits and opportunities included in your tuition.

  • Full academic year of instruction
    Lessons, classes, and performing groups run from September through early June. Students may also add extra lessons before or after the summer session with the permission of their teacher.
  • Individualized goal setting
    The teacher helps each student identify and accomplish his or her technical and musical goals. Through this process, the student learns personal responsibility and gains a sense of achievement.
  • Lesson observation week (fall and spring)
    Teachers set aside time in the private lesson to meet with parents/caregivers to share goals and discuss plans for study (weeks of November 4 22, 2019 and March 9, 2020).
  • Student recitals
    The Conservatory encourages students to take advantage of various performing opportunities offered throughout the year. Frequent performances help remove many of the anxieties associated with public performance. Student recitals are held monthly throughout the academic year and are open to students of all ages and ability, with the permission of their teacher.
  • Studio class
    Studio classes allow teachers to bring their private students together for an informal performance opportunity. The studio class and evaluation (see below) count as one private lesson in the spring term.
  • Written evaluation
    The student evaluation, held during the week of May 4, 2020, is when the student’s progress is evaluated by a panel of faculty members in a relaxed, supportive, and friendly atmosphere. The evaluation and studio class (see above) count as one private lesson in the spring term.
  • Accompanists
    The Conservatory provides accompanists for dress rehearsals, student recitals, studio classes, scholarship auditions, and voice evaluations.
  • Scholarship and competition opportunities
  • Family discount
    Families who register for 4 or more Conservatory offerings receive a 5% discount off their tuition).
  • Financial aid
    Funds are available to qualifying families
  • Free or discounted admittance to many recitals and concerts
  • Use of Westminster Choir College's Talbott Library

In addition to these opportunities that are included in your yearly tuition, Westminster Conservatory offers a summer program that includes private lessons and camps for all ages. Families may register for this program as follows:

  • Summer camp registration begins on January 13, 2020. The Conservatory offers a variety of music camps for toddlers to teens.
  • Summer private lesson registration begins on May 11, 2019. Full tuition for private lessons is due with registration. This flexible eight-week session, which runs from June 29 through August 21, 2019, provides private instruction in many instruments, depending on availability of faculty. Students often enroll in summer lessons to try out a new instrument, to get extra coaching and practice, or to accelerate entry into higher-level theory classes in the fall.