Cybersecurity Minor

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About Rider’s Cybersecurity Minor Program

In today's connected computerized world information systems are constantly under attack. Businesses tasked with protecting their systems are increasingly looking to cybersecurity professionals to provide the skills to manage the risk of attacks.

A student completing the five-course Cybersecurity minor would develop the skills and knowledge necessary to identify and analyze cybersecurity risks and take action to mediate those risks. These skills include implementation of policies and procedures as well as the ability to implement technical solutions to manage the risk of cybersecurity threats.

Rider also offers a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity. A three-course cybersecurity certificate is also available.

The Cybersecurity minor and certificate are aligned with several domains of the CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) exam, and several domains of the CISM (Certified Information Systems Manager) exam of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

Upon completion of the minor, students will:

  • Identify and articulate the business value of computer security measures
  • Perform risk analysis and compliance reviews for IT resources in a business environment
  • Identify computer security threats and risks and recommend policies and procedures to mediate computer security threats and risks
  • Use specific computer security mediation hardware and software tools
  • Conduct penetration testing on computer systems and networks
  • Recognize computer application security risks and recommend good coding practice to reduce these risks
  • Recommend appropriate security audit procedures

Cybersecurity Concentration Requirements

(12 credits)

Gateway Course:  
CIS 185 Information Systems Essentials 1 3
Required Courses:  
CIS 320 Cloud Computing Administration 3
Introduction to Cybersecurity 3
Risk Management and Compliance for Information Security 3
Total Credits 12