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The study of philosophy explores fundamental questions about persons and the universe. What is knowledge? What is a good life? What is the meaning of life? What is reality? How do psychology, religion, art, history and science contribute to an understanding of our world and our place in it? By studying philosophy you are encouraged to develop your own ideas about these and related issues.

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Major Requirements

Philosophy majors learn in small weekly discussion sections where they discuss the course material in an intimate, supportive setting. Here students are also given the opportunity to develop their ability to verbally express themselves. During their senior year, students write a thesis on a philosophic topic of their choice in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Finding the Answers

Philosophy provides a valuable background for a wide array of career opportunities. 

Because of its emphasis on reasoned argumentation, the study of philosophy develops the following abilities that can be applied to any field.

Develop Transferrable Skills

  • Formulate and defend positions
  • Speak articulately and listen objectively
  • Write clearly and persuasively
  • Comprehend complex material
  • Summarize and organize complex materials
  • Reason analytically and inferentially

How to Apply

View requirements, application deadlines and steps to apply.

Engaged Learning

Learning by doing. That’s the driving principle behind Engaged Learning at Rider. It’s where theory meets practice, giving you the opportunity to apply the knowledge, skills and insights you’ve gained in the classroom to real-world situations and professional settings.

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Opportunity Awaits

Philosophy students have gone on to enter law, medicine, journalism, and college teaching, as well as distinguishing themselves in the world of business. Students have been offered positions in major U.S. corporations. Internships allow students to explore career paths in these areas. 


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