Course of Studies

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Suggested Course of Study

Although your premedical advisor and the Premedical Committee can advise you on the medical schools that will suit your needs and to which you should apply, it is your responsibility to identify and satisfy the requirements for those particular schools. Requirements for admission to osteopathic, podiatric, dental, chiropractic, and other health related professional schools should be examined as early as possible in your undergraduate program at Rider University.

Listed below is a suggested sequence of courses needed to satisfy the Pre-Med requirements:

  • Freshman Year
    • Fall: BIO115, BIO115L, CHE 120, CHE121, and MTH105 OR MTH210
    • Spring: BIO116, BIO116L, CHE122 and CHE123
  • Sophomore Year
    • Fall: BIO117, BIO117L, CHE211 and CHE213
    • Spring: CHE214, CHE216
  • Junior Year
    • Fall: PHY100 and PHY100L OR PHY200 and PHY200L
    • Spring: PHY101 and PHY101L OR PHY201 and PHY201L

All premed requirements should be completed by the spring of the junior year.