Sociology and Careers

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Sociology and Careers
Sociology is the root of many other areas of study of human endeavor, and remains a source of their new developments. Sociological research and scholarship provided the foundation for management studies, communication and media studies, legal studies, and criminology and criminal justice studies, to name a few. That is why training in sociology can provide excellent background and skills for such a wide range of careers.

After graduation sociology majors pursue many different kinds of careers.  A majority of our sociology majors work in the private sector, such as banking, finance, insurance and manufacturing. A sizeable portion of those who have majored in sociology work in the non-profit sector, for various types of organizations, such as government, educational institutions, policy advocacy, public health or philanthropic organizations. Some sociology majors work in areas related to communications and media, law, social services, social policy; some become teachers, lawyers, social researchers; Some apply their sociology backgrounds to do polling or survey work doing such things as test marketing, public opinion polls, census data gathering and analysis. Some sociology majors decide to pursue further education and to obtain graduate degrees, for example, in law, urban planning, social work.

Many of those who majored in sociology have become very successful, even famous. For examples of such successes see our section “Sociology Spells “Success”.