Law and Justice Student Awards and Accomplishments

Law and Justice Student Award Dinner
The Law and Justice Program hosts an annual dinner each spring to recognize our students’ accomplishments. At the dinner we congratulate graduating seniors and honor students who have achieved academic distinction: The Law and Justice Student Merit Award, Certificates of Merit, and Certificates of Program Completion). The dinner is a gala event, attended by faculty, students and their guests and administrators.

Often the Student Award Dinner has also been an occasion to focus on various student achievements and accomplishments. For example, Law and Justice faculty have worked with the student-run Law Society to sponsor a research paper competition, with the winner discussing his/her paper at this event. Law and Justice Merit Award presented to a Law and Justice graduating senior in recognition of academic distinction and contributions to law and justice.

Law and Justice Merit Award
This award recipient is selected based on academic distinction and contributions to law and justice. The student must have a distinguished academic record in his/her Law and Justice curriculum, an overall grade point average above 3.0, and a record of contributions to law and justice through involvement in community, political, legal or social organizations and/or activities on and/or off campus. A recommendation from a faculty member in the Law and Justice Program is also required.

Recipients of the Law and Justice Merit Award:

  • 2012:  Lauren Lopez
  • 2011: John J. Lanza IV
  • 2010: Alex D’Amico
  • 2009: Marcia Leach
  • 2008: Christopher Glotfelter
  • 2007: James Rabasca
  • 2006: Heather Horowitz
  • 2005: Stephanie Schlegal
  • 2004: Andrew Klimowicz
  • 2003: Kim Kempton
  • 2002: Katherine Raynor & Diane Titus
  • 2001: Donald Stanzione
  • 2000: Edward Fronczkiewicz
  • 1999: Danielle Ely
  • 1998: Mira Orgizovic
  • 1997: Evan Kozlow

Law and Justice Certificates of Merit
The Law and Justice Program recognizes the academic accomplishments of its students by awarding our high achieving students with Certificates of Merit. Law and Justice Minors who received a 3.25 minimum GPA in the previous Fall semester are presented with Certificates of Merit at the Annual Law and Justice Student Awards Dinner.