Health Care Policy (B.A.)

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Rider University’s new Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Policy offers students the opportunity to prepare for a career in health care — one of the nation’s fastest growing employment areas. Students in this program develop the skills needed to understand and respond to the changes and challenges facing today’s health care industry.

The B.A. in Health Care Policy is an innovative, multidisciplinary program that examines the contours of healthcare at the local, national and global levels. Offered through Rider’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, it offers students broad training in the theoretical and applied nature of health policy.

Why Health Care Policy?

As a health care policy major, you will:

  • Develop an in-depth and critical understanding of the health care sector
  • Learn the skills needed to successfully develop and implement care policy
  • Gain real-world experience through learning co-ops, internships and field research
  • Engage and network with policymakers and leaders in the field
  • Prepare for a career in health care policy through positions in government, or private and non-profit sectors

Career Opportunities

An undergraduate degree in health care policy will prepare you for continued graduate study in health care policy, administration and other related fields. It also is the foundation for a career as a:

  • Health Care Administrator
  • Policy Analyst
  • Project or Program Manager
  • Lobbyist
  • Not-for-profit Administrator
  • Legislative Aide and/or Researcher

Program Requirements

To earn a B.A. in Health Care Policy, you must complete 42–43 credit hours, including courses in five key policy dimension areas:

  • Health Policy and Administration
  • Global Health Care Policy
  • Policy Inquiry
  • National Health Care Policy
  • Health and the Environment


Faculty from multiple Rider departments and programs — including political science, global studies, sociology, psychology, and environmental and health sciences — teamed up to develop unique courses designed to help students study and critically evaluate the central political, legislative, environmental, economic, global, social and ethical considerations involved in health care policy. For more information on coursework, see Program Requirements

For more information, contact:

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Professor of Political Science
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Barbara Franz (Ph.D. Syracuse University) is Professor of Political Science.  Her research interests juxtapose the phenomenon of mass migrations and refugee movements and what they mean for the stability of nations, the increasing potential of culture clashes within societies, and the root causes of migration movements, violence, terror, and genocide, as recently seen in Rwanda, Bosnia and Syria.