CEAP Lecture Series

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PCDI & Rider University Master Lecture Series in Behavior Analysis
Stimulus Control and Its Relationship to Teaching, Prompting, Error Correction and Errorless Learning
Andy Bondy, Ph.D.

Monday, June 11, 6 p.m.

Rider University
Lynch Adler Hall, Room 202
Lawnreceville, NJ 08648

There are many terms used by general and special education teachers, related service providers, and even trained behavior analysts, that when used incorrectly can lead to ineffective classroom lessons. One example is the term “prompt,” often used in the field of education. Similar problems can be found regarding in class use of error correction strategies, especially those described as ‘errorless.’ We will review and come to “terms” with the many misconceptions regarding often used terms and popular teaching strategies, including fading, most-to-least, least-to-most prompting, etc., several error-correction strategies and the host of strategies described as ‘errorless teaching.’ This presentation is going to shake up and clear up many long-held and cherished beliefs about common teaching strategies that are associated with applied behavior analysis!

2 BACB Type 2 CEs are $10 each. Payment in the form of cash or check will be accepted at the event.