Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Who can use the Writing Studio?
A: We work with everyone enrolled at Rider University, from freshmen students to graduate students and alumni. All students are encouraged to use the Writing Studio for any stage of the writing process. Students are welcome to bring papers from any course as well as personal statements and cover letters. Sessions for developing reading, test-taking, and test prep strategies are also available.

Q: What types of tutoring sessions are available?
A: Face to face tutoring in the Writing Studio is the most effective type of session. However, if it is difficult to attend a session in person, we also offer Online Writing Lab (OWL) sessions via email (See “Online Writing Lab (OWL) Email Tutoring” for specific policies and instructions). Additionally, we offer limited availability for Google Hangout sessions; please visit or call our center to inquire: 609-896-5008. Drop-In writing tutoring is also available. The Drop-In sessions are ONLY 15-20 minutes long; this type of tutoring is best when students have very specific concerns that can be addressed quickly (i.e. Is my thesis/argument specific enough or sound clear? Can someone check my Works Cited page?). Please see the Writing Studio’s main page for Drop-In hours.

Q: How does a tutoring session work?
A: A tutoring session may be to: brainstorm an assignment, generate a thesis, structure an outline, or revise a current draft. Students (tutees) work with tutors to determine the goals for the session and then interactively address those goals. Tutees are responsible for their work, not the tutor.

Q: Why can't you just fix my paper for me?
A: The Writing Studio does not write or “fix” students’ papers; and, there are no grade guarantees. The tutors strive to help tutees identify areas in their papers that would benefit from revisions. The tutees make those revisions. The best results happen when tutees are actively involved in the sessions by asking questions, brainstorming ideas, and writing the information down to use independently when revising drafts once the sessions are complete.

Q: Does the tutor decide what we work on?
A: Students (tutees) decide the focus of the sessions. However, if the tutors notice other areas of concern within tutees’ drafts, they will ask/suggest that those issues be addressed as well. Overall, tutees do make the final decisions regarding the focus of the session.

Q: What do I need to bring to my session?
A: Bring a draft of your paper if you have one, or notes and ideas if you are just beginning the assignment. Please bring the assignment and any texts, readings, handouts, or class notes that might help.

Q: My professor required me to come to the Writing Studio. How can I prove I was here?
A: All appointments, whether face-to-face or online, are scheduled through TutorTrac. At the end of the appointment the session is marked as attended, including the length of the session. An email will be sent to the professor after an appointment noting a student's attendance.

Q: Can I come in every day?
A: Yes! Please do…

The Writing Studio appointment polices are as follows:

  • Students may have up to 4 (FOUR) sessions per paper.
  • Students who are more than 10 minutes late to an appointment will be marked as “missed.”  Once a student has accumulated three missed appointments (or cancellations), they lose their tutoring privileges for the remainder of the semester. To cancel an appointment, students must call or stop by the center no later than 2 hours prior to the scheduled appointment or the appointment will be marked as missed.  In order to make future appointments, students will have to speak with an Administrative Specialist, the Writing Studio Coordinator, or the Assistant Director to schedule future appointments
  • Students may only be seen ONCE per day per course.
  • Students may not schedule back-to-back appointments for a paper, unless granted permission.
  • Appointment sessions last 50 minutes.
  • Students may be tutored on their own work only. We cannot review a paper on behalf of someone else.
  • Students may make same day appointments based upon availability, but it is not recommended. During mid-terms and finals the studio is very busy, so please plan ahead.

Q: How do I access your services?
A: Rider University students can schedule an appointment in three different ways:

  • In person: You can also stop by the Writing Studio in BLC 237 to schedule your appointment.
  • Telephone: Call ahead (preferably at least one day in advance) 609-896-5008.
  • TutorTrac: Click on this link to schedule your appointment using our online scheduling program.

Q: Can I apply to become a Student Writing Consultant?
A: Student Writing Consultants (SWCs) must have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher and a B+ or better in either CMP 125 or BHP 150. Based on recommendations from writing intensive course instructors as well as writing samples provided to the Writing Studio Coordinator or the Academic Success Center Director, students are invited to apply. *** Students who have completed ENG 316, Theories of Tutoring and Writing, and are recommended by the course instructor (with a B+ or better in the class), are also encouraged to apply.