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BHP Courses Core and Major/Minor Substitutions
COM 105 Communication, Culture, and Media Social Science
ENG 295 Honors: Human Relationships in Literature Literature
BHP 100 Great Ideas I CMP 120
BHP 150 Great Ideas II CMP 125 or LL 131
BHP 206 Politics and Literary Form Social Science OR Literature
BHP 207 Adultery in 19th Century Fiction Literature
BHP 209 Law and the Arts Fine Arts OR Law & Justice OR AMS
BHP 211 Theories of Justice and the American Common Law Social Science OR AMS OR Law/Justice
BHP 212 Children and the Media Social Science or Psychology Major/Minor
BHP 213 Text and Context Social Science OR Literature
BHP 215 The Universe and the Origins of Life Science
BHP 222 Existentialism in Literature Philosophy OR Literature
BHP 223 Literature of the Fantastic Literature
BHP 224 Worlds Apart: Global Perspectives on Development and Inequality Social Science
BHP 226 Moments of Vision: The Painter and the Poet Fine Arts OR Literature
BHP 227 Age of Imperialism Literature
BHP227 Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Age of Empire Literature core OR History major/minor elective
BHP 230 Political Culture of Hi-Tech Society Social Science
BHP 231 Natural Adventures: Journeys inAmerican Ecology and History Science core OR History Major/Minor
BHP 232 Science and Politics of the Jersey Shore Science OR Social Science
BHP 259 The Environment: A Conflict of Interest Science OR Social Science
BHP 260 Education and the Arts Literature
BHP 268 Love and Chivalry in the Arthurian Tradition Literature
BHP 270 Shakespeare: From Stage to Page and Screen Literature OR Fine arts
BHP 270 Chemistry and Conflict Natural Sciences
BHP 271 Human Nature, Biased Brains, and the Challenges of Living Together Social sciences core OR Psychology major/minor
BHP 271 The Rhetoric of Science Literature core OR Natural sciences core
BHP 271 The Psychology of Creativity across Disciplines Natural science core OR Psychology major/minor
BHP 271 Language and Power: The Art of Verbal Seduction Literature core
BHP 280 TheWorld as a Social Construct Social Science
BHP 300 Cultural Politics Social Science OR Literature
BHP 302 Mirrors of the Mind: The Interplay of Literature and Psychology Literature core OR Social science core OR Psychology major/minor
BHP 303 Politics and Philosophy of the Sixties Social Science OR Philosophy
BHP 307 Presence of Mind: Human Creativity and Artificial Intelligence Fine Arts
BHP 308 Symbolism Literature
BHP 309 Genetic Engineering and thePhilosophy of Science Science OR Philosophy
BHP 304 European Armageddon Literature core OR History Major/Minor
BHP 310 European Historical Fiction inThe 19th Century Literature
BHP 312 Musical Expression and PoliticalCulture Fine Arts OR Social Science
BHP 314 Symbolism and Impressionism Literature OR Fine Arts
BHP 315 Twentieth-Century European Ideologies Social Science core OR History Major/Minor
BHP 318 Bible as Literature Literature OR Philosophy
BHP 319 The Arts of Memory Fine Arts OR Literature
BHP 320 Gender and Music Fine Arts OR Literature
BHP 321: Gender and Sexuality in Hip Hop and R & B Fine Arts
BHP 322 The Guilty and the Innocent Literature OR Social Science OR Soc. major
BHP 323 Capitalism: on Trial! Social Science OR Sociology OR Economics Major/Minor
BHP 325 Literature and Political Realities: From Dictatorships to Democracy in Latin America Literature OR Social Science
BHP 330 Campaign Persuasion: Theory into Practice Social Science core or major/minor elective for Political Science major or major/minor electives for the following majors in Communication and Journalism: Speech and Interpersonal Communication, Public Relations
BHP 350 Genocide and Human Rights in the Modern World History Major/Minor OR Social Science core OR Global Studies Major/Minor
PSY 100 Honors: Introduction to Psychology Science