Leadership for Change Seminar Facilitators

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New for Fall 2018, the Leadership Development Program is proud to present a brand new curriculum for the experiential component required for the Certificate in Leadership!  Based upon the Social Change Model of Leadership Development (Komives, et al), LDP members will learn more about themselves, others, and how their leadership can create positive social change.  Please check back soon to learn more about the facilitators for these seminars.

Scott Albert Name: Scott Albert
Contact Info: [email protected], 609-915-0032 (cell)
Leadership Experience: Twenty years as a teacher, school counselor and administrator and 10 years as a consultant to public, independent, and international schools. I've served on 3 non-profit Boards and currently consult to Board and Company leaders.
Fun Fact: Cycled 2700 miles across the U.S.
A Favorite Leadership Quote: "Let us imagine that life is a river. Most people cling to the bank, afraid to be carried along by the current of the river. When the pain of hanging on becomes greater than the fear of letting go, we let go...and the river begins to carry us along safely.”- Shakti Gawain
Approach to LSS Facilitation: I'm a Socratic facilitator. That means that I ask a lot of questions and provide few answers.
Advice for Young Leaders: Get a mentor. Don't be a lone ranger. Read and listen to audio programs; they're vitamins for the mind and heart and "mental floss" for challenging times. Don't waste time strengthening your weaknesses - unless they're interpersonal/communication weaknesses. Work on building your strengths and surrounding yourself with people who have different strengths than your own. (So much for not providing answers!)
Rory Sakin Name: Rory Sakin
Contact Info: [email protected], 973.979.9359
Leadership Experience: Professionally, I have led large geographic areas of colleagues responsible for revenue generation and profitability. Personally, passionate basketball coach of a CYO boys team winning back to back county championships in 2013 and 2014.
Fun Fact: My first concert was KISS
A Favorite Leadership Quote: “Lead, Follow, or get out of the way”-Thomas Paine
Approach to LSS Facilitation: Prepare our students for the world of employment. Exploring areas of interest and hearing and learning from outside professionals
Advice for Young Leaders: develop marketable skills that can be applied in the “real-world”—Network, Network, Network!
Glyndora C. King Name: Glyndora C. King
Contact Information: [email protected]; Telephone; 609-267-5171
Leadership Experience: Freelance workshop facilitator for community organizations and Leadership for Youth. While teaching Middle School math I headed the curriculum development committee and the text selection committee. A Masters in Education lead to certification in Supervision. I have participated in the Leadership Development Program at Rider University since 2007, facilitating sections I, II, III, and IV (prior to reorganization). My favorite activity was students planning and executing a service learning project.
Fun Fact: I have a traveling exhibit for African American History that is growing yearly. This keeps me researching during my retirement.
Favorite Leadership Quote: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” - John Q. Adams
Approach to LSS Facilitation: Because I believe that, at one time or another, everyone can and will be a leader. I approach facilitation with the idea that appropriate leadership skills can be beneficial at all levels of an organization.
Advice for Young Leaders: A new leader has the task of continuing the growth and productivity of an organization. I would encourage a continuing understanding of oneself, the culture of the organization, and the dynamics of the personnel Reflection and assessment of plan, process, product, and personnel are strategic in moving an organization forward. Effective communication is paramount in this regard.
  Name: Cara Giovinazzo
Contact Info: [email protected], 609-577-1019 (c)
Leadership Experience: Career Services Advisor- Kaplan Career Institute, Master of Arts Organizational Leadership, Communication
Fun Fact: I've been dancing since I was 3. I still do tap, jazz, and ballet. I love being on stage.
A Favorite Leadership Quote: "If you work really hard, and you're kind, amazing things will happen.” - Conan O'Brien
Approach to LSS Facilitation: My approach to LSS Facilitation is to make it fun and hands-on learning. I like to initiate and encourage conversation, but my goal is to have the class really take the lead and get creative. I once had a teacher tell me that if learning is fun, then the information will be retained, so that is my teaching philosophy.
Advice for Young Leaders: Put yourself out there and take risks. If you never challenge yourself, you will never grow. Be a "yes" person. Say "yes" to new experiences and learn something from everything you do. As Bill Nye says, "Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't". Always strive to be the best version of yourself and don't be afraid to make mistakes or to ask for help. Leaders know that they don't have to know everything - they just have to be willing to learn.
Amanda Lyons Name: Amanda Lyons
Contact Info: [email protected], twitter: @amanda_lyons
Leadership Experience: Visuals for Change Founder & Facilitator, Outward Bound Instructor, Sports team captain & coach, currently involved in organizing & running several visual thinking groups in NYC (NYC Sketchnoters, forming VizThink NYC soon to be VizWorld),...
Fun Fact: I love creating clues for scavenger hunts. I find that it helps to know who is going on the hunt, although sometimes I create clues that are super obscure.
A Favorite Leadership Quote: “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves”. —Lao Tzu
Approach to LSS Facilitation: I aim to help students create the space for learning. I truly look at it as 'facilitation' and am there to help students unravel ideas about leadership - experientially!
Advice for Young Leaders: First, take advice from no one - trust your gut as a leader. Second, think in questions, always challenging yourself to come up with a better one.
Jessie Phillips Name: Jessie Phillips
Contact Info: [email protected], 609 712 1103 (cell)
Leadership Experience: A Rider Grad who is now an Adjunct Professor for Career Planning & Perspectives series and facilitated each session for the Leadership Development Program. Currently, CEO of Absolute Performance which provides training and advice to corporate leadership on how best to manage their workforce to maximize productivity and balance shifting priorities. Additionally, works with job seekers to coach and provide career guidance by assessing educational needs; interests and; experience to help them transition to suitable career paths. Recently completed her career with the NJ Department of Labor where she worked with employers throughout the State to fill vacancies and advise them of the Department's rules, regulations and evaluated compliance.
Fun Fact: Had trained yearly 3000-5000 management level employees including leadership staff from Bad Boy Entertainment and Sean Jean which is owned by Sean Combs (Diddy) His dogs kept interrupting the session - I was told the Pomeranian was wearing a $10,000 diamond collar.
A Favorite Leadership Quote: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou
Approach to LSS Facilitation: The students' response to my approach is that not only is the curriculum substantive and useful but it is fresh, entertaining and beyond their expectations. The information I provide not only prepares students for their interviews but also provides strategies on how to be a successful leader in the workforce.
Advice for Young Leaders: Leadership is not just about you but about your interest in bringing all those around you "up" to be successful too. Be willing to share your knowledge, experience and work ethic with people who work side by side with you, below you and above you. Your sincere interest in their success will strengthen your leadership both personally and professionally.
Christine Mehlhorn Name: Christine Mehlhorn
Contact Info: [email protected], 609-896-5373 (office)
Leadership Experience: Associate Director of the Office of First & Second Year Programs at Rider University. I have the pleasure of selecting, training, and supervising Rider’s fantastic Orientation Staff and being part of the team that welcome’s new students into our community. I received my M.S. in Higher Education from Florida State University.
Fun Fact: I was Student Government President at The College of New Jersey for two years. That leadership experience inspired me to pursue a degree in Higher Education so that I could work with college students as a career.
A Favorite Leadership Quote: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” –John Quincy Adams
Approach to LSS Facilitation: I create an environment in seminar where student leaders feel comfortable giving each other feedback and challenging each other to do their best. When seminar is over, my students are able to articulate specific ways they improved their presentation skills and ability to contribute meaningfully to a team achieving a goal.
Advice for Young Leaders: Do your best to be a leader in all aspects of your life- not just in the classroom, at club meetings, or in professional settings. I find the most influential people to be those who strive to do the right thing and take responsibility for their actions.
Jack Gottlieb Name: Jack Gottlieb
Contact Info: Office- 732-961-3704, Cell-732-232-3270, Email-[email protected]
Leadership Experience: 10 years as CEO of The Total Solutions Group, Inc. (Strategic Consulting, Training & Coaching Firm), One of the leaders of Kutztown University’s Business Advisory Board, On the executive board of Collegiate Empowerment
Fun Fact: Played Division 1 Tennis at Rider
A Favorite Leadership Quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi
Approach to LSS Facilitation: Creating a fully immersed experience that has the students take ownership for what they really want for and from their life, open their mind to what is possible and what is out there in the next stage of their life they have not been exposed to yet while balancing coaching, facilitation and teaching.
Advice for Young Leaders: Take the time to truly reflect, plan, improve and commit. Often time we focus on doing with out taking stock of the true vision and goals for what we are working on and who we are working with. When we take the time weekly (1 hour), monthly (2-3 hours), each semester (full day) while being a student to really look back on our successes, challenges, insights and integrate that with our goals and where we need to improve we truly become the change we want to see in the world because we are living what we are modeling as a leader.