Community Values Statement

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In our endeavor to make Rider University a just community, we commit ourselves, as caring individuals, to the following principles:

  • that our rigorous intellectual life nourishes our minds and spirits
  • that no person roams these halls as a stranger
  • that integrity of word and deed forms the foundation of all relationships
  • that we recognize that real leadership is derived from service to others
  • that we celebrate our differences for they are our strength
  • that we are proud of this special place, entrusted to us by past generations, nurtured by us for future ones
  • that we share not one Truth, but respect our common pursuit for understanding
  • and through the time we spend here, we are forever joined to each other and to Rider University

Endorsed in the Spring of 2001 by:

  • Rider University Board of Trustees
  • Rider University Student Government Associations
  • University Academic Policy Committee
  • The Rider University Chapter of AFSCME
  • The Rider University Residence Hall Association