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A Message from the President

The winter months have begun to fade, and as we now look forward to the warmth and changes that spring brings, I  am struck by the numerous changes that have occurred at our university—not just this year, but in the years that I have had the honor to serve as president of this wonderful institution.

Most recently, we have initiated an online master’s degree in accounting, a major in criminal justice and a minor in homeland security. These academic endeavors, among others, focus not only on what our society needs, but on what our students require to remain competitive in a challenging job market. And, our most recent survey of our graduates shows that the vast majority are employed or attending graduate school.

We have also seen significant facilities improvements on both campuses with new or renovated academic buildings, residences, dining and athletic facilities, all of which contribute to an improved environment for teaching, learning and living.  In addition, we continue to fund raise for new projects on both campuses. 

Change has also shaped this very publication, as we move from a print version of the Rider Magazine to one that allows for greater adaptability as advances in technology make it easier to share our stories. 

There is another aspect influencing this online version of the Rider Magazine and that is our commitment to sustainability.  In fact, this issue celebrates that commitment.  Our goals have included energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.  To date, we seen significant progress across both campuses — from the development of a robust academic program in sustainability, to the construction of a tri-generation plant, new HVAC systems in key buildings, to daily practices among our students, faculty and staff that demonstrate responsible conservation.  In the stories that follow, you will discover additional examples of why Rider has been cited at least three times in the Princeton Review’s Guide to Green Colleges in the United States.  

Finally, on a personal note, most of you likely know that I recently announced my plan to retire as president of Rider University at the end of July, 2015. Serving as Rider’s sixth President has been the most fulfilling experience of my academic career, and I am very proud of the strategic initiatives we have undertaken and the achievements we have attained together.  Through our shared efforts, we have made significant contributions to Rider’s institutional progress, both advancing the University’s strengths and confronting its challenges.

As I complete my service over the next 16 months, I am certain that we will continue to find ways to improve this institution with your help and I remain ever grateful to have been part of the important changes that have occurred here during my tenure. 

Mordechai Rozanski

Office of Alumni Relations | 609-896-5340 |