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How to Go Green at Rider

Separate your trash bins from your recycling. Rider's residence halls have plenty of trash rooms with separate recycling bins. 

Plug your electronics and appliances into a power strip and then turn it off when they are no longer in use. 

Fill up a reusable water bottle at the bottle filling station located around campus instead of buying bottled water. 

Take reusable bags when you go shopping and use reusable storage containers for food. 

Turn off your lights and computer when not in use. 

Buy only what you need and use. 

If you need something for your room, see if any of your friends have what you need rather than buying something new. 

Type your class notes on your computer or write on both sides of the paper. 

Print documents only when necessary. 

Reduce the amount of water you use by not letting the sink water run when you brush your teeth or shave. 

Attend a film in the green series. 

Minor in sustainability studies

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Join the "Green to Go" program through Aramark

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