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The Academic Leadership Development Program was created through a partnership between Academic Affairs, Human Resources, and the Center for Development of Leadership Skills.

Faculty and administrative staff are invited to apply to this program for completion during the Fall 2018 semester.  The goals for participants in this program include:

  • Enhanced  knowledge of leadership strategies, skills, and practices
  • Leadership preparation for possible formal and informal leadership roles
  • Enhanced leadership skills to expand career opportunities.

Program Description

The program will consist of a set of workshops, a shadowing experience with a senior leader on campus, a 360-degree feedback evaluation and a final wrap-up session.  Workshops will address leadership tools, career mapping, communication skills and peer-coaching, as well as institutional knowledge.  These sessions will also include opportunities to talk with senior leaders on campus and time to apply knowledge gained to individuals' interests. Each of the training sessions will be designed to expose the attendees to experientially-based hands on training. Each attendee will have the opportunity to experiment with new and different leadership behaviors, receive feedback from their peers, and reframe their perspective, while supporting the development and habituation of new leadership skills that will enhance their work relationships.  During these sessions, members of prior ALDP cohorts may join the group when appropriate to offer their perspectives.  Participants will develop objectives for their own leadership development which they can meet during and after completion of this program. Starting in the fall, participants will shadow a senior leader to observe and explore how units are led and managed.   Finally, participants will end the program with a wrap up session to be scheduled in spring 2019.

Note: Applicants must be available to attend all fall 2018 workshops scheduled for 9/21, 10/12, 11/16, and 12/14* and shadow an administrator during fall into spring 2019.  

*This date might be adjustable with the group deciding exact timing once program gets underway.

Program Preparations & Components 

Prior to the first sessions, selected participants will complete a 360 degree feedback survey and a career map which will be used during the following sessions.

  1. September 21st, Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
    Rider University Leadership Views - A conversation with senior Rider leader.
    Invited campus leader will informally discuss their leadership/career experiences during lunch.
    Discussion with "graduates" of ALDP.
    Overview of the 360-Degree Feedback Report
    Preparations for shadowing experience.
    Following the 9/21 program, participants will be matched with an administrator who is willing to be shadowed.  Shadowing will take place starting in fall 2018 and possibly continue into spring 2019 with timing and frequency of shadowing to be agreed upon by shadower and shadowee.  (See # 5 below.)
  2. October 12th, Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
    Rider University Leadership Views -  A conversation with senior Rider leader.
    Invited campus leader will informally discuss their leadership/career experiences.
    Career Mapping discussion   - In preparation for this session, participants will reflect on their own career and complete and bring to this session a map of their experience, competencies, talents and passions.  Career mapping is an approach to career planning that uses a series of tools and techniques to assist you in your professional growth and help you achieve your personal goals.  This career mapping approach will help participants construct a personal road map with action plan steps that chart a path towards achieving long term career goals.  Participants will discuss and improve career maps during this session and revisit their maps periodically throughout the program.
    Leadership Tools - This session will provide participants with an overview of some key knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary for developing and exhibiting effective organizational leadership. Topics may include (but are not limited to):  Emotional Intelligence, driving effective collaboration, addressing conflict in a productive manner, key leadership styles and how these integrate with attendees personal approach to leadership, and understanding one's impact on others.
    Application-Participants will have time to apply program content with cohort colleagues.
  3. November 16, Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
    Rider University Leadership Views - A conversation with senior Rider leader.
    Invited campus leader will informally discuss their leadership/career experiences.
    Leadership Skills and Peer-coaching - This session will build on topics addressed in the October 12th program.
    Application-Participants will have time to apply program content with cohort colleagues.
  4. December 12th*, Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
    Rider University Leadership Views - A conversation with senior Rider leader.
    Invited campus leader will informally discuss their leadership/career experiences.
    Institutional Knowledge - With a panel of campus leaders, program participants will explore the inter-relationships among current efforts related to the University's Strategic Plan ("Our Path Forward"); demographic and enrollment projections and strategies; the evolution of student needs and available support services; technological changes on the horizon both in and outside the classroom; and the underlying institutional financial and personnel resource framework.  This inter-disciplinary discussion will be designed to provide attendees with a broader understanding of the issues and analyses that are driving strategic decisions and give participants' background and knowledge that can help them contribute to future university planning activities.
    Application-Participants will revisit and refine their career maps and have time to apply program content with cohort colleagues.
  5. Shadowing Experience - Fall 2018 into Spring 2019
    Participants will be matched discuss their observations and interests.  Both parties will determine the extent and timing of their work together. Generally for this activity to be effective, a minimum of 10-15 hours of shadowing is recommended.  Cohort members will be advised that not all activities of the administrator they shadow will be appropriate for them to observe.  Shadowed administrators will work with their shadower to develop a valuable and appropriate shadowing experience.  

Spring 2019 Wrap-up

Cohort participants will meet in spring 2019 for final reflections on their experience and updates on their progress in implementing their development action plan and leadership skills development work.

Participant Selection 

Applicants should submit responses application questions by March 26, 2018.

A selection process by workshop leaders will identify participants. There is no minimum leadership experience requirement for this program.  Application questions are designed to inform workshop leaders in the selection process as well as encourage applicants to reflect on their individual experiences and consider opportunities to contribute to Rider's future development.  The goals of the selection process are to: identify strong candidates for leadership development; and create a cohort with broad representation across disciplines and units and with diverse backgrounds and records of service.

Applicants are encouraged to combine this program with an external leadership development program to add additional perspective if resources are available to do so; an applicant's dean or unit head should be consulted to determine if funding might be available.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please feel free to contact one of the program leaders or past participants.  The program will be led by a team consisting of Dr. John Donovan, Associate Professor of Management in the Norm Brodsky College of Business, Robert Stoto, Vice President for Human Resources, Dr. Kathy Browne, Chairperson, Department of Geological, Environmental and Marine Sciences and Boris Vilic, dean of the College of Continuing Studies. They will be joined by Mark Kasrel, former Executive in Residence Harper Professor, Department of Marketing, Sport Management and Legal Studies in the Norm Brodsky College of Business, and Dr. Sheena Howard, Associate Professor, Department of Communication and Journalism in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Past ALDP Participants Include

Melissa Anderson
Mariann Cook
Todd Dellinger
Donna Disbrow
Timothy Fairlie
Karen Gischler
Eva Gronikowski
Alexander Grushow
Eileen Gurwitz
Betsy Haywood-Sullivan
Sheena Howard
Robert Lackie
William Larrousse
Terri Marriott
Matt Metzger
Cynthia Newman
Lan Nygren
Christina Peterson
Elaine Scorpio
Maryanne Skalski
Cindy Threatt

2018 Academic Leadership Development Program Application Questions

To be considered for this program, please submit succinct thoughtful responses to the following prompts here provided by March 26, 2018.
Note: Applicants must be available to: attend the workshops scheduled for fall 2018 dates; shadow an administrator during fall 2018 into spring 2019, timing to be arranged; and attend a follow up session in spring 2019.

  1. Summarize any experience you have had in a leadership role(s) at Rider (formal or informal).
  2. Summarize any previous leadership development experiences, formal or informal, that you have pursued and explain how you used them in building your leadership capacity and/or career advancement.
  3. Explain your interests in this program.  In what ways do you think it will be beneficial to you in your present position?   How might it be helpful for you to pursue your career aspirations?   How do you think your unit would benefit from your participation?
  4. Please confirm that you will be available for:
    1. all of the following fall 2018 dates for formal programming: 9/21/, 10/12, 11/16, & 12/14* (*might be adjusted by the group once program gets underway)
    2. additional time in fall and possibly some of spring for shadowing, with times selected by shadowee and shadower
  5. In addition to your responses to the above, please provide a statement of support from your Dean, Chair or immediate supervisor.