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The Bristol-Myers Squibb Center for Science Teaching and Learning, the home of the TLC, is located in building 23, the Science and Technology Center, on the map of campus (full map). We are on the third floor.

Walk from the Visitor parking lot across campus past the Admissions and Library Buildings and past the Business (Sweigart Hall) and Education (Bierenbaum Fisher Hall) buildings.  The Science Building is the one with the glass tower on the front.  Take the elevator to the 3rd floor of the Science building and turn right as you leave the elevator.  The entrance to the Bristol- Myers Squibb Center for Science Teaching and Learning will be on your right.


Rooms 316 and 317 each contain a suite of technology for face-to-face and distance education.  Teachers can present information using the following:

  • VCR
  • DVD
  • Document Camera (3D and document projection)
  • Macintosh Intel Core 2 Duo running Mac OS X and Windows 7
  • Ceiling mounted projector
  • SMART Board (317 only)

In the Faculty Lounge, Room 309, teachers can create presentations using the following:

  • 2 Macintosh Intel Core 2 Duo computers running Mac OS X and Windows 7
  • Dual deck VCR
  • Mini-DV player/recorder
  • CanoScan N67OU Scanner
  • HP LaserJet P2055dn Printer

Students can investigate problems using the following:

  • 14 Windows laptop computers (Room 317)
  • 11 Macintosh laptop computers (Room 316)
  • ProScope digital microscopes
  • Vernier Probeware
  • Various pieces of lap equipment and manipulatives

Equipment Loans

  • 1 Olympus digital camera
  • 2 Canon digital camcorders
  • 2  Powerbook G4 laptops
  • 10 Proscope digital microscopes
  • 60 interwrite Personal Response Units
  • 25 TurningPoint clickers
  • 1 Swivl Robotic Platform for Video

Laptops: The TLC has 2 PowerBook G4 computers (MACs) that faculty may borrow for up to a week at a time depending on demand. The PowerBook G4 computers are also lent as part of a "Digital VideoPack" that includes a digital camera and digital videocamera. The Mac contains software for loading the pictures and video onto the computer, editing it, and saving it onto CDs or DVDs.

Digital Camera: The digital camera may be borrowed separately or as part of a "Digital VideoPack" (see above).

Proscope™ Digital Microscopes: Proscope™ microscopes attach via a USB cable to Macs and PCs. Images, time lapse sequences and videos can be captured using the included software and added to reports in Microsoft Word, Inspiration, PowerPoint, BlackBoard, etc. With the 1-10X lens, The ProScope™ becomes a high-quality video camera. Magnification can be increased to 200X power in a matter of seconds. The lens mount is an industry-standard C-Mount that will accept third-party lenses.

Interwrite Personal Response System: 60 handheld remote controls record student answers via a wireless receiver attached to the teacher's computer. The teacher can instantly display results to students and/or collect them for future analysis. Questions can be oral, written using the Interwrite software or using PowerPoint with an Interwrite plugin. The PRS is perfect for formative assessment of large classes.

TurningPoint Clickers: 25 handheld remote controls record student answers via a wireless receiver attached to the teacher’s computer. The TurningPoint clickers are easier to use and than the earlier Interwrite Personal Response System.

Swivl Robotic Platform for Video: Swivl allows the user to stay on camera while walking around the classroom, as the platform rotates in response to the infrared location device worn by the presenter. Works with iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android.

See Administrative Specialist, Annie Hoyt for equipment loans. Contact Instructional Designer, Kweli Snowden for instruction in using TLC equipment or for set-up assistance.