NJ State Certification

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Download NJ Certification Application

Rider students may apply for NJ state certification within the year of completing the corresponding Rider Education program(s).  Students who want to take advantage of this service must complete the above NJ Certification Application during the semester in which they will complete their certification requirements. The application must be downloaded, typed in, and a printed copy must be brought to the Office of Field Placement and State Certification with payment for the respective certification(s) during your certification appointment. The Oath on the application must be signed in the presence of the notary. When you bring your completed form and your driver's license to your certification appointment, we will notarize it during the meeting. [Additional certifications: Applicants must apply directly with the state for additional certifications for which they may qualify but did not complete a Rider program. Out-of-state licensure: Applicants must apply directly with the corresponding state.]

If you anticipate pursuing certification at the end of this semester, please refer to the following resources:

Schedule an appointment here to initiate the process for NJ State Certification with Jeanette Friscia, Certification Coordinator. Please make sure your calendar is set to Eastern Time.

[GRAD Pre-Requisite (not for undergrads): You must also have submitted a 'Graduation Clearance Application for Degree & Certificate Programs' form to Terri Podgorski in order for you to be cleared for certification.]

Our office is busy year-round with placements and certifications, so there are no guarantees for unscheduled drop in's.  We strongly encourage scheduled appointments to secure time.  [If you have an emergency and need to cancel and reschedule an appointment, please cancel and reschedule using the Google calendar as well.]

Specific certification details based on NJ DOE requirements (and fees) are outlined on the DOE website at: NJ DOE LICENSURE AND CREDENTIALS

Note: Unless you intend to apply for NJ State Certification on your own, please do not initiate an online application on the NJ DOE system for certifications you will submit through Rider to endorse on your behalf.  This can negatively impact Rider's ability to process the certification(s) for you.  See above application and appointment links for Rider-endorsed certifications.

Additional useful certification-related links to the NJ, NY, and PA.

Certification Status:  It generally takes seven to nine weeks after the close of the semester to process certification requests.  Thereafter, please check the status of your certification application directly on the NJ DOE website.

[Important:  Although Rider initiates the application process and establishes your teacher profile well in advance to expedite processing (within our control), you will not be able to view your certification status in the NJ DOE system until the NJ DOE initiates review and processing on their end.  Once they initiate their review, the NJ DOE system will generate a tracking number which you can then provide prospective employers.  Districts also have the option of expediting the process directly with the state once the tracking number is issued by the NJ DOE.]

Additional questions/inquiries not covered above may be directed to the Office of Field Placement and State Certification at [email protected].