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Rider University’s Center for the Development of Leadership Skills (CDLS), launched in the Fall of 2004, strives to develop the leadership capacities of the Rider community. By providing effective leadership training and quality programming, the CDLS complements and expands upon Rider’s tradition of producing tomorrow’s innovative leaders and confident professionals.

Leadership Development Program Ranked 4th in the Nation

Students in the CDLS Program

The CDLS supports the concept that true leadership occurs when we work together. The CDLS credo is:

  • Leadership is a process, not a position or a set of personality traits. It can be learned.
  • Opportunities to make a difference exist at all levels of organizations and society.
  • Each of us is a leader or role model for someone.
  • Ordinary people can become extraordinary leaders.
  • None of us knows our true strength until challenged.
  • It is our collective task to discover and liberate the leader within each of us.

Rider undergraduate students are encouraged to apply to the CDLS’s Leadership Development Program (LDP), a university-wide program that welcomes all majors. This academic, co-curricular, and experientially based program challenges students to not only learn about the theories and history of leadership, but to put their knowledge to use by participating in leadership skills workshops and holding leadership positions both on and off campus.

Explore our site to learn more about the Center and the Leadership Development Program, and how it will strengthen and develop your leadership skills! If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Laura Seplaki, Associate Director:

Laura Seplaki
Associate Director, CDLS and Director, LDP
Sweigart Hall 250