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What is SPECTRUMentoring?

SPECTRUMentoring is a collaborative program hosted between the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) and Rider’s SPECTRUM Pride Alliance. This program is an opportunity for first-year and transfer LGBTQ+ students to be plugged into a community that affirms and supports their identity development. Incoming first-year students will be mentored by sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Additionally, students will have bi-weekly programming to ensure that they are staying engaged on campus.


The mission of SPECTRUMentoring is to support first-year LGBTQ+ students on campus by ensuring that they are aware of resources on campus, and building a community of peers to help them understand their own personal development.

Who may participate as a mentor?

Rising sophomores who identify as LGBTQ+ or feel part of the community. 

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Mentor Learning Goals

  • Identify strategies for mentorship
  • Facilitate group dialogue on social identities
  • Identify strategies for community building

Who may participate as a mentee?

Incoming first year students who identify as LGBTQ+ or feel part of the community.

Mentee Learning Goals

  • Mentees will be able to articulate their own lived experiences
  • Identify other people’s opinions
  • Identify characteristics of their social identity

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Where will the SPECTRUMentoring program take place?

Most of the training occurs on Rider’s campus. SPECTRUMentoring will take place alongside other programs such as Multicultural Student Leadership Institute (MSLI) and P2P MENTORING. Besides program orientations, mentor and mentee training, the following activities will be implemented into programming:

Information sessions

  • Academic Success Center
  • College Readiness
  • Information Literacy
  • Time and Stress Management
  • Housing
  • Financial Literacy
  • Center for Diversity and Inclusion


  • Faculty, staff, and alumni of color
  • Faculty from same discipline/major


  • Motivational
  • Informational
  • Educational

Intercultural activities

  • Field trips to foster cultural enrichment
  • Group bonding activities
  • Good citizenship practices
  • Campus cultural programs 

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