C. Emmanuel Ahia

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Professor and Director, Ed.S. Counseling Services Program, & M.A. Clinical Mental Health Program

Department Name 
Department of Graduate Education Leadership, and Counseling
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Bierenbaum Fisher Hall 202E
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2083 Lawrenceville Road Lawrenceville, NJ 08648-3099
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Academic Background

  • J. D. School of Law, University of Arkansas; Fayetteville, Arkansas. May 1990
  • Ph. D. Education Psychology (Counseling): Department of Educational Psychology; Southern Illinois University; Carbondale, Illinois May 1983
  • M. A. Interpersonal Communication; Minor in Counseling Psychology, Wheaton Graduate School, Wheaton, Illinois. June 1980
  • B. A. Religious Studies; Minor in Counseling Psychology; Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. Dec 1978

Books and Book Chapters

  • Ahia, C.E. (2011) The Danger-to-Self-or-Others Exception to Confidentiality. 2nd Ed. Lanham: MD The Rowman & Littlefield Pub.
  • Ahia, C.E. (2010) Legal and Ethical Dictionary for Mental Health Professions. 2nd Ed. Lanham: MD University Press Of America.
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  • Ahia, C.E. (2005).  “A Cultural Framework for Counseling African-Americans.” In Lee, C. et al., Multicultural Issues in Counseling: New Approaches to Diversity.  3rd edition ACA Press (Chapter 5).
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  • Ahia, C.E. (1992) “Afrocentric International Education: Linking Heritage, multicultural identity development, and scholarship”  in C.J. Smith (ed.) Educating for the 21st Century:  Blacks on Predominantly White Campuses (pp. 1-7).  Washington, D.C.: NAFEO.

Selected Refereed Publications

  • Spiegelhoff, S. and Ahia,C.E. (2010) Impact of Parental Mental Illness: Ethical and Clinical Issues for Mental Health Counselors, Journal of Mental Health Counseling.
  • Dombrowski, S.C., LeMasney. J.W., Ahia, C.E., and Dickson, S.A. (2004) Protecting Children from Online Sexual Predators: Technological, Psychoeducational, and Legal Considerations, Professional Psychology: Research and Practice Vol. 35, (1), 65-73.
  • Dombrowski, S.C., Ahia, C.E., and McQuillan, K. (2003).  “Protecting Children through Mandated Child Abuse Reporting”.  The Educational Forum, Winter Edition.
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Selected Presentations at Professional Conferences/Agencies

  • Ahia, C.E. (2015) Licensure Board Actions Against Professional Counselors: Implications for Counselor Training and Practice. ACES National Conference, Philadelphia PA. March 21-24.
  • Ahia C. E. (2013) A Mental Health Perspective on School Bullying Law: Legal, Ethical and Professional Considerations. ACA Conference, March 21-24.
  • Ahia, C.E., and Johnson, C. (2007) Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling Supervision. New Jersey Counseling Association, Annual Conference. April 22-24.
  • Ahia, C. E. Marketing Your Private Practice Legal and Ethical Issues. New Jersey Counseling Association, Annual Conference, Sheraton at Eatontown, April 22-24.
  • Ahia, C.E. (2006) A Case for Professional Peace Counselors in Post War Environments: 11th  International Counseling Conference. Bangkok, Thailand, Dec. 28, 2006-Jan 2, 2007.
  • Ahia, C.E. (2004) Becoming an Effective Counseling Supervisor: Legal Ethical & Multicultural Issues. New Jersey Counseling Association (NJCA) Annual Conference, Sheraton at Eatontown, NJ. May 4.
  • Ahia, C.E. (2003) Post-War Disaster Mental Health Services: The Case of Liberia. American Counseling Association (ACA) Annual Conference. Anaheim, CA, March 24.
  • Ahia, C.E. (2000) Multicultural Issues in Counseling Supervision, at 8th International Counseling Conference. San Jose, Costa Rica, June 15-16.
  • Ahia, C.E. (1999) “Peer-Supervision: A Working Model.”  NJCA Annual Conference. Atlantic City, April 17.
  • Ahia, C.E. (2003).  Confidentiality in School-Based Programs.   New Jersey Department Of Human Services Meeting of School-based Mental Health Professionals.
  • Ahia, C.E. (2003).  Post-War Disaster Mental Health Services: The Case of Liberia. American Counseling Association Annual Conference.  March 24.
  • Ahia, C.E. (2000).  Multicultural and Ethical Issues in Counseling Supervision.  8th International Counseling Conference.  June 15-16, San Jose, Costa Rico.
  • Ahia, C.E. et al. (1999)  Peer Supervision: A Working Model.  NJCA Annual Conference. April 17.
  • Ahia, C.E. (1999).  The Making of a Multicultural Professional.  Somerset Board of Education.  September 7.
  • Ahia, C.E. (1999).  Legal Issues in School Counseling.   Mercer County School Counselor Association Conference.  Lawrenceville, NJ.  April 22
  • Ahia, C.E. & Carter, R. (1998).  Role Modeling for African-American Students: An Exploration of the Myths and Realities.  New Jersey School for Counselors Association.  Professional Development Conference.  Monmouth Junction, NJ. October 25-26.
  • Ahia, C.E. (1997) Counseling and Behavioral Management of Juvenile Criminal Offenders (JCO’S).  NARACES Conference.  Plattsburg, N.Y. October 24-25.
  • Ahia, C.E., Lyons, S., Szyonanski, E. (1996).  Marriage Mediation: Tools and Techniques for Counselors.  NJCA Annual Conference.  March 17-19.
  • Ahia, C.E. (1996).  The Role of Black Males in Community Development.  New Jersey Million Man March Committee.  Trenton, NJ.  Saturday, January 26.
  • Ahia, C.E. (1996).  Divorce Mediation Issues in Counseling.  ACA National Conference. Pittsburgh, PA.  April 16.
  • Ahia, C.E. (1996).  The Black Family and the Responsibility of the Black Community to the Plight of the Homeless.  New Jersey Community Service Association. Newark, NJ.
  • Ahia, C.E. (1996).  Family Involvement in Providing Social and Psychological Support for the Addictive Personality.  Harris House.  Trenton, NJ.
  • Ahia, C.E. (1995).  Instructing the Multicultural/Ethic Learner.  Matawan-Aberdeen School District. October 9.
  • Ahia, C. E. (1995).  Managing Multicultural Identity Regression.  NJCA Annual Conference.  March 12-14.
  • Ahia, C.E. (1995).  Functional Multicultural Identity.  NJCA Annual Conference. March 12.
  • Ahia, C.E. (1994).  Multiculturalism and Professionalism:  Issues for School Administrators and Counselors.  Ewing Township Public School Staff Development.  September 30.
  • Ahia, C.E. (1994).  Emerging Leadership Workshops II.  (Panelist) North Atlantic Region Branch Assembly of ACA, Washington, D.C..  October 7-10.
  • Ahia, C.E. (1993).  Integrating Diversity and Multiculturalism into the Education System:  The Issues and Processes.  Highland Park School District/Highland Park Committee on Race Relations, October 6.
  • Ahia, C.E. (1993).  Profiles in Multicultural Identity Development.  Annual Meeting of New Jersey Association of Multicultural Counseling.  October 6.


  • National Certified Counselor #20060
  • Attorney at Law #74261PA
  • Licensed Professional Counselor - NJ#37PC00213100
  • Licensed Professional Counselor – PA#PC002655